November 1st, Tuesday
“Grey mists and chill, river and valley hide.
But bright the sunshine of our own fireside.”

We quite enjoyed a nice dinner last night and both won 4/- at Bridge. Today has been a gardening day and the Grays with a friend have just been to call, such nice people, I love them. We dine this night with the Milroys, what will it be like I wonder!

Nov 2nd
Our dinner last night was old fashioned and chaste in the extreme. Mrs Milroy, her daughter, Mrs Watson, a Colonel and Mrs PInk and ourselves. The Pinks had just returned from Khartoom (sic) he was a most pompous old buster and full of his own importance. We sat after dinner in a ring and conversed on and settled the affairs of the day and at 10 gratefully took our departure.

Nov 4th, Friday
I drove down this morning and met Topsy (Brenda Swayne, nee Butler, Wynne’s cousin). She is come to stay for 3 or 4 days. It is so ripping to see her again, we have met so little of late years and she is almost like a sister to me. It makes one feel very old talking over our young days realizing now our grey hairs and 3 children a piece. Her accounts of dear old Uncle Arthur are bad I fear. He is very seedy, has quite given up golf and often stays in bed for 2 or 3 days, suffers from his throat and heart and has awful neuritis.
I took Topsy down to a Mothers Union meeting in the Iron Room, very chaste and good for her. We had quite a sensible address given by a typical “mother” and a good attendance. We dined at 6.45 this evening in order to go to “Tannhauser” which was being given by the Moody Manner Co who are here for a week. The Grays joined our party, calling for us in their car. The performance was good, well scened and put on, quite good singing but oh such frights! Tannhauser was simply awful and we had hysterics over Elizabeth but the music is always beautiful.

Nov 5th, Saturday
Yso’s birthday! Town in the morning and gardening in the afternoon. Whilst we were occupied who should turn up but Thurie and Herman. The former looks well after his long travel but thin and is very deaf, he can hardly hear a word. To dinner came the Thompsons and Capt. Preston, the former to meet Topsy.

Nov 6th, Sunday
Such a pouring wet day and perforce we had to amuse ourselves with puzzles all day long, doing one of our 500 pieces in the afternoon!

Nov 7th, Monday
We are digging up the herbaceous borders, trenching, manuring and replanting same. In the big border we are massing peonies, iris, phlox etc and shall have annuals in front. I have also plunged thousands of bulbs everywhere.

Nov 9th
Topsy left. She had a wire from Oswald saying he arrived in England this morning but as he had to go straight over to Cork she has returned home. Attended a meeting of the SSFA in the Iron Room.

Nov 10th
A whole morning at “Shirts”, a boresome job and all the ladies in authority are quarrelling so! I am thankful I am not involved. In the afternoon when i was looking my worst in comes Mrs Gray and Mr Hutchinson both spic and span, I longed to creep into the earth.