November 12th, Saturday
We have written to France for a collection of 25 dwarf roses and 12 climbers. We have also had the sweet pea trench dug, 3 feet in depth with a foot of manure at the bottom of it. We are going to have a second dug in the kitchen garden. Today I have completed my iris garden, at one end of it a big group of michaelmas daisies and at the other end paeonies and phloxes whilst in the middle big groups of various other things. How I long for the summer to see the result of all this.

Nov 14th, Monday
Herbert and I went down to Brookfield today. He first went up to Town and I met him at Woking, also my dear Ell who came down from Town by the same train. It is very delightful being this particular party, just ourselves and oh, how I wish it could last for weeks.

Nov 15th
An icy cold day, and Ell off shooting. All of us except Herbert and Gran dined with Miss Batley tonight, a nice simple dinner and a table decorated with priceless china and lovely old sliver.

Nov 16th
A bright clear day and I drove Ell up to the downs to shoot. On the way back I took the pony into the Toomers where I was met by Poggy. We hitched him to a tree and went into the wood and dug up a basket of primrose roots.

Nov 17th
To use up surplus energy we cut laurels and stripped trees of ivy this day. The clearing out we did last year has proved most beneficial. To dinner tonight came the Batleys, the Castlemans and Mr Salmon. We were a party of 11 and they played Bridge till 12.

Nov 18th
Ell went off to Town this morning to my sorrow. I grudge every day of his absence but we females learn to put up with crumbs and one’s wisdom lies in pretending never to care all one’s life. I went round collecting various goods and chattels to take with us tomorrow, such trifles as fowls, pheasants, a hare, marmalade, curry powder and plants!! besides which we intend taking 10 live fowls with us!

Nov 19th, Sat
Came away with much reluctance, I hate to feel we shan’t see it till Spring, how quiet the place will be with no Xmas festivities, that hasn’t happened for the last 20 years I should think. Mother came with us as far as Salisbury where we all went to see Farebrother. We have had a horrid time and I feel quite dead beat. Oh! how I hate dentists.

Nov 20th
This morning it snowed quite fast, large blossoms and thick. The cold is bitter and off to Church we went where my feet were frozen. I have safely ensconced my chickens in their new abode and gave them a hot feed this morning much to their joy.