November 21st, Monday
A hard white frost. I tried to garden but beyond digging a little was unable to do anything.

Nov 22nd
A wire from the Williamsons to spend tonight with them and Ell (in London) so up I went, first of all to Douglas where Miss Worrall bound my tresses, then to the Club where Brenda lunched with me and at 2 we repaired to Brixton Bon Marché. “Brixton” – the very name savours of shabby genteel! However the BM turned out a splendid place, a huge selection of everything very cheap and we bought many fascinating things for the children and I think I shall go again later for the remaining necessities. At 4.30 we got back to the club and met Ell and Mrs Williamson and returned to St Johns Wood with them. They took me to the Carlton to supper first going to the Empire, a rotten show and not at all amusing. As the evening grew the fog thickened and when we started to go home we could scarcely see a yard in front. On arriving by slow crawling at Marble Arch the man gave it up and got off his box and led the horse the rest of the way. It was awful and we didn’t get home until 2.0.

Nov 23rd
After a delicious lie in bed (9.0!) I crawled out to breakfast with the fog still in my eyes to find no one there but by 10 they had assembled. Ell and I drove off shopping and fetched up at the Todds for lunch where we were met by H. We left at 3 and went to the A and N stores (The Army and Navy) which are fascinating to a degree and then returned to the Club where Lady Fulton joined us at tea. We said so long at 5 and came home by the 5.30.

Nov 24th
I have been at “Shirts” all morning and had intended gardening after lunch but the weather turned so vile that I wrote a 1000 letters instead.

Nov 25th, Friday
I motored to Guildford with Mrs Gray. It was frightfully cold. I explored all the old curiousity shops but their prices are frightful and absurd, all ready for the Americans.

Nov 26th, Saturday
Dined with the Grays today. We turned on the phonograph and danced in the hall!

Nov 28th, Monday
Flew down to town to get a hundred things and then was busy preparing the rooms against the arrival of Mother and Gran who are coming today from Brookfield all the way by motor. When they arrived the motor was filled to overflowing with them, their maid, boxes, bags, rugs, hampers, fowls and flowers! Out they crawled quite stiff! Much fuss and excitement and I can hardly realize that I shall have my dear Gran for over 4 months with me during Mother’s absence in India.

Nov 29th
Mother and I went up to Town to the Strand Palace Hotel to deposit out luggage. Mother and I to the theatre tonight where we saw “Inconstant George” in which Hawtrey is most amusing and delightful.

Nov 30th, Wednesday
A strenuous day. We spent the morning at Harrods helping dear Mum with her final shopping, then went to lunch where we met Ell. I then went to Douglas where H picked me up and on to the Stores, more shopping and then we returned, dressed, dined at the Grand Grill Room with Ell and on the opera to hear Faust. It was perfectly lovely. I have never seen if before and how I enjoyed it. We all supped at the Carlton afterwards.