Oct 8th, Saturday
I have caught a vile throat which bores me.

Oct 9th, Sunday
My throat being still vile I stayed in bed till 12.0 with a compress and various other throaty remedies and so hope for good results.

October 10th, Monday
Spent the morning doing jobs. To tea came the Gallways and Mrs Robb with whom I had much “shirt” conversation. Vile job. I have to attend a meeting of them on Thursday. My cold felt heavy and vile and so i went to bed before dinner and felt thoroughly cosy and “very hug”!

October 11th
Thanks to quinine and willow I am “resurgam” again. H left at 8 for Fareham and is to be away all day on inspection. Joe (Hurdwood) came to lunch. They have taken Hale Farm at the foot of the hill so we shall be near neighbours which will be very jolly.

Oct 12th
I on duty bound went down to the Church Room where I took Mrs Horne’s place at the Committee meeting of the SSFA in a freezing room. (This was the Solders’ and Sailors’ Families Association – later to add Airmen to its title and become SSAFA.

Oct 13th
Frightful weather and I had again to go down to the Town, this time to “Shirts”, a thing I have never done before. There I paid away £21 odd to the women for the shirt making for which they get seven and a half pence a piece.

Oct 16th, Sunday
A lovely day. To Church this morning and evening. The new vicar preaches well, which is a relief and a blessing.

Oct 17th, Monday
By the 9.19 we hied us to Town, H and I, he to the War Office and I on shopping intent. At 1.30 repaired to my club where Ell and Herbert joined me and afterwards we shopped again, coming home at 5.30.

Oct 19th
Elliot and I went over to Sandhurst today to see Herman. When we arrived we were met at the station by a friend of his as he had that afternoon been given an extra drill for some misdemeanour! We shrieked with joy at this news and walked up to the College with the friend and after a while H joined us having got off his drill and we watched a footer match till it poured with rain when we repaired to a shop in the town and had tea. Tonight we all dined at the Grays, a party of 8, a nice dinner but rather dull guests!

Oct 20th
Ell went off to Town. We are frantically busy doing the Spring bedding, it is a long job with so many beds.