October 22nd, Saturday
I took Ell down to Barracks this morning where Major White took him over the stables. After lunch my poor Ell retired to bed with bad neuralgia and I went calling. A lovely day and I longed to be gardening which Poggy was doing. Continual bad news from home, everyone is ill with a sort of influenza and all in bed in turns.

Oct 23rd
My poor Ell has such neuralgia, a bad night and feeling a rag altogether. He didn’t get up till midday and slept all the afternoon like the rest of us. Went off to Church and suffered much pain from a lengthy rigmarole. I see no reason why such brainless pogbags should be allowed to sit over the unfortunate public. The news from home seems much the same all suffering from a form of hysterical influenza. It is wretched for Mother who I am glad to say is getting away to Bournemouth for a few days. A most depressed letter from poor Eve this mail (from India) upon whose nerves the heat seems certainly to be telling, poor old dear. I do wish they could get home.

Oct 24th, Monday
It was a brand new day with a clean face when I set forth at 9.30 this morning to drive over to Tilford to fetch more plants for my garden (from her friends the Hurdwoods, who were moving out). The country was looking perfect. The autumn colouring quite lovely, the sun coming down through the pines round Waverly in great big dusty beams, lighting up the russet coloured bracken to a bright gold and everything in the world seemed lovely (and so it is!).

Oct 27th, Thurs
A strenuous day. At 10 I drove down to attend “Shirts” which business kept me till 1.0. After lunch I and Ell drove to Mr Potter about the garden, then to tea cam Mrs Hod for Bridge and Lady Smith Dorrien called. No time to breathe all day!

Oct 28th
My dear Ell has left us today. I miss him sadly. PIcked up Poggy at his office and we spent a ripping afternoon gardening. I was “not at home” and so felt utterly safe and at leisure. We are digging up and remodelling the whole garden.

Oct 29th
An entire day gardening. We have been finishing off our two first big borders, filling them with pinks, aubretia, allysum, violas, pansies and sweet william. I do hope the result will be all right in the Spring. The children were given gardens today in which they have been very busy.

Oct 31st, Monday
Most unwillingly I left my garden this afternoon and went on a round of calls. Mrs Gray lent me the motor and I rushed round the Farnborough district and payed 10 calls, a great work done that leaves 6 on my list but these are nearer and will soon be accomplished. It was ripping having the motor as one takes so long when driving (ie: with the horse). We dine this night with the Campbells. He is a Staff Officer but we know little of them.