September 1st, Thursday
“A tender radiance fills the sunset sky
Tis summers gentle kiss – goodbye”

This neat and most elaborate decorations was done for me by Walter. I tried to make him do me one for Oct, Nov and Dec but he only got as far as an initial letter for Oct and then no more.

I went this evening to Farnborough to meet Gran and her maid. She is 96 and unfatigued by her journey. I hope she’ll keep well during her stay. She is so interested in all around her and an example to us all.

Sept 2nd
For a whole day we saw the sun and how everyone enjoyed it. For weeks it has been absolutely impossible. H and I drove over to Crowdall to see a basket maker and get a hamper.

Sept 3rd
The glorious sun is still with us. Gran sat out on the terrace writing letters and we “took to the soil” and gardened from lunch till 6.30.

Sept 4th, Sunday
The usual Sabbath programme and a very boring sermon by a man doing duty until the new one comes. He spoke of David as “the brave soldier boy”!! I writhed.

Sept 5th
I drove Gran to the town where I attended a committee meeting of the Creche where crowds of ladies assembled and we jabbed all at once and all together! After lunch H and I drove and left cards on Gen. Lawson and Sir Stewart and Lady Bayley came to tea and to dinner Capt and Mrs and Miss Bacon. Gran was quite wonderful and went to bed at 10.30, only a few minutes before I!

Sept 6th
Hearing this morning the 1st Division passing along for manoeuvres we ran down the hill but only saw the tail end and heard one band. I have spent a day of house chores, very necessary when one has a household of 13 to look after.

Sept 7th
Early this morning my dearest rode away to manoeuvres hung all over like a Christmas tree, both horse and man. He is to be away till the 13th and I do miss him. I too took flight and went up to Town there to meet Major White T with whom I had lunch at Jules and then on to see Henry VIII at His Majesty’s in company with a full house and a most enthusiastic one. We witnessed a most splendid play, Tree as Wolsey, Bourchier as Henry and Violet Vanbrugh as Katherine were quite at their best. The staging was quite beautiful and the whole performance most stirring. It was not over until 5.15 and when we came out there was already a long queue at the Pit entrance waiting for the evening performance! There was no time for tea so we just took taxi to Waterloo where we snatched a horrid hasty cup of grey straw water and so to my train

Sept 8th
I went this afternoon with Miss Male, Maggie and all the children up to the common with the intention of picking blackberries but after getting our baskets half full through dint of much scratching, tearing and pricking we found to our disgust that they were full of maggots so we had to cast them away much to the chagrin of the poor children. We then proceeded to sit down in deep heather and listen to the hum of bees busy in the flowers and the sound of the wind in the firs. It was quite lovely.

Sept 9th
A day of much worry. Gran has caught a cold and is in bed. Sent for Tanner who prescribed various remedies and comes again tomorrow.

Sept 10th
I am thankful Gran is better. Tanner says she may get up tomorrow. It has been a lovely day, a real bright Sept day and after lunch Mrs Gray sent her motor for me and I went out to Bordon taking Miss Male and the children and called on the Landons, Peels, Maidlows and Coxes, finding all out but Mrs Maidlow. It was perfect motoring, sunny and no wind.