September 12th, Monday
Did household chores all morning and after lunch I drove Miss Male and the children into Farnham to do shopping. My naughty pony dashed along and was very Mondayish but we got back in safety and I went to tea at the Stewart Bayleys.

Sept 13th
Such a glorious day again. My dear came in quite early, about 11, Capt. Gray motoring him home. He had been up all night and so slept a bit of it off during the afternoon, when I and all my crew took our tea up to the Common and picked blackberries.

Sept 14th
I am so thankful Poggy came in yesterday for today the heavens are black and torrents are descending. How wet all the poor troops will be who are to march in this morning. Having cleared somewhat H and I drove to Farnham but found on arrival it was early closing day, too stupid. However I knocked up the photographer and got some developer out of him and so was able to do my photos after tea, a very good batch and no horrible brown results.

Sept 17th, Saturday
We drove again townwards and on up the Queen’s Avenue in order to show the mobilized troops to Gran. On side side were many tents and horses picketed, hundreds of the Highland Reserves and the whole place like a bee hive of business. Gran was much interested and excited.

Sept 18th
A day of naught except that Poggy went away at 11.0 and didn’t get back till 6.30, going on a tour of inspection with Capt. Gray to Ewshott, Bordon and North Camp.

Sept 19th, Monday
At 6.30 we arose and an hour later all had breakfast and then started off to see the troops march out from Aldershot. It was a very interesting sight as the Division was mobilized and each battalion numbered 1000, then there were all the ASC, RAMC, the howitzers and transport and it took two hours to pass.

Sept 21st
A day of cleaning and turning out and everything smells so clean and fresh. I have washed all my china and glass too so had a regular field day. I spent the afternoon of this quite glorious day sitting on the lawn working whilst the children cooked up messes and at tea time Gran and I walked over to the Bacons.

Sept 22nd
On this day Mother came to pay us her first visit but I found her with a frightful cough, one of her usual winter ones which come and last for weeks. Her rheumatism very bad.

Sept 24th, Saturday
I took Mother over to see the Hurdwoods. Found all at home and had tea. Started home at 5.30. I shall never forget the loveliness of the scenery as we drove home through the pines, larches and birches, the brown bracken and tree trunks all glowing in the evening sun, even the shiny black asphalt road glowed bright red and the distance was blue and hazy with red beams shining through the trees. A perfect September evening.

Sept 25th
My dearest came home this evening at 6.0 from Salisbury. He was looking splendidly well, so brown and dusty and full of manoeuvre news. It is so ripping having him back and although it will be jolly going home tomorrow I just hate leaving him so soon.

Sept 26th
Journey accomplished safely (back to Wynne’s family home in Tarrant Keyneston). Gran very little tired. Met Ell at Waterloo and all came down together. Mother’s cough no better.

Sept 27th
A glorious day, so hot I wish I had brought thin clothes. I drove Ell to Monckton Downs to shoot, then came back and returned later with lunch and more cartridges. We didn’t get back until 6.30 and I never spent a more deliciously idle day.

Sept 30th, Friday
Gorgeous weather. Drove Ell shooting again. Poggy came.