February 1st, Wednesday
A bright clear day, about 20 degrees of frost and one’s thoughts turn to skating. I drove into town this morning and took old Veacock on the box to the station as she goes to London to spend the day with friends. After lunch we all walked to the Common where the children found a frozen pond to slide on. The servants went off to a dance tonight, they are very gay, much more so than we in fact, and it was past 12 before we had garnered the household safely in.

Feb 2nd
Again to town and this time Gran came too. Icy cold, about 14 degrees last night, but alas there is a change again and all hopes of skating at an end at present.

Feb 4th, Saturday
A morning at home and a field day with the dining room dresser which Young polished and I washed the china. To lunch came Herman over from Sandhurst looking very well and full of beans.

Feb 5th
I have such a stupid cold in my throat and can’t get rid of it. All the children have been down this week but are better. H and I went to Kirk alone and sent them for a walk.

Feb 6th, Monday
Feeling freakish I wrote to Mrs Watson and asked her if I could be of any help in the Parish work and she promptly handed over to me the Mothers Meetings! That is what I have been attending this afternoon. They are held in the Parish room on the hill and today about 20 were present. It seems odd being at this old game again and I miss my military mothers but these seem very friendly. Meetings are held every Monday.

Feb 7th, Tuesday
My dear Baby is 3 years old today, how old she is getting, not a baby any longer.  She is the sweetest little creature and so awfully pretty with her perfectly lovely  hair which is my pride and joy!  My cold has returned and I feel a bronchial wretch but there is much on and I can’t go to bed!

(Her cold worsened, and Wynne cancelled engagements, and complained of being bored).

Feb 12th, Sunday
Another lovely day and I long to go out but I can’t get rid of this stupid old cough. Herman came over to lunch and Dr Tanner came to see Gran and I took him up to see Pink who he pronounced to have measles. Oh my, oh my! Of course the other two will get it as well. He says its a mild form which I am thankful for.

Feb 13th, Monday
My poor dear is feeling awfully wretched and has the rash out all over him. HIs cough is bad and he is dreadfully seedy. Face all swollen and red. It is a wretched time.

Feb 14th
Pinkie is I think a trifle better and had a decent night but his face is all swollen and his whole body red and hot. As we are in quarantine we see no one and go nowhere.

Feb 15th
Pink is a good deal better, hungry and takes a more cheerful outlook of life. We read to him in his dark room by turn and try to pass the time away. Our flowers are so lovely now, heaps of jonquils, narcissi, daffs etc. The scent coming in through the dining room fills the house.