February 16th, Thursday
The days pass quite uneventfully. My small measle improves but his cough still troubles him. The day passes by with reading to him and he plays cards and chalks flags in a painting book.

Feb 17th
Such a glorious day that I and Gran drove to town where after an absence I had much to do. After lunch spent the time reading to Pink.

Feb 18th
Long letter from Mother containing much amusing gossip and news that they sail in the “Bohemia” on 16th March. Pink altogether better.

Feb 19th
Another glorious day but being in quarantine we are debarred from church. Miss Male went on duty with Pink in the morning, and in the afternoon I read to him and H did also.

Feb 21st, Tuesday
Gran and I drove to Aldershot and came home by the moors. H went off with Capt.Gray to a lecture at 5 and afterwards attended a Temperance Meeting at 8. The Findlays daughter has measles, everyone in the same boat.

Feb 22nd
A bright sunny day with a high wind raging but no going out for me as both Noot and the Baby show signs of this wretched illness.

Feb 23rd
Both children show increased signs of measles and Nootle has taken to her bed. Baby seems a day or two behind her and is still up. The boy is really practically all right and only needs keeping in his room a day or two more.

Feb 24th, Friday
More signs of measles and my poor Noot is awfully seedy. I have shifted my quarters to sleep with her for the present as he cant bear one out of her sight, poor darling. Baby is also just starting and wont allow Maggie out of her room or us in it!