November 18th, Saturday
Rain, rain, rain! We are having endless torrents just at present. We took the children to the Gym and I drove on to Farnborough Park to see Mrs Maxse on business connected with the Sale of the Disabled Soldiers and Sailors at which I am assisting again this year.

November 20th, Monday
I was glad to get a morning at home to do many odd jobs.
After lunch I to my Mothers Meeting did repair and finding 30 females fair
I gazed upon the window in despair for tightly closed they kept out any air!
At 6 tonight H and I went up to Town to stay the night with the Grays at the Hyde Park Hotel. On arriving we first went to Mother, leaving there some flowers and her jewel box and then flew on getting in at 25 to 8. We were given a charming room just like a private bedroom with a fire and flowers and opening out of it a lovely bathroom and lavatory with hot and cold water laid on. In one corner of the room was a huge cupboard like a little room to hang ones things in, beside the bed a telephone, pretty china vases on the mantel and pictures on the walls. It might really have been in a private house and all so beautifully heated.
We hurried into evening clothes and dined at 8 after which they took us to “Baby Mine” in which Weedon Grossmith is acting and a very clever little actress called Iris Hoey. It is an amusing piece and I certainly have never laughed more. We went into the Carlton afterwards and sat in the Palm Court having drinks and sandwiches and watching some of the extraordinary people coming and going. One woman created a great stir, young, very tall, and so thin that her body looked like a walking stick. She was dressed in black sequins, a long tail behind and skirt cut up into deep Vs in front with a tulle poof about a yard long in her hair.

November 21st
We sprang out of bed (having overslept) and rang and ordered breakfast which we had in our room all very cosy and “hug”. Mrs Gray came up at 11 and we went down together. H and I off to the Stores where we did a great deal of shopping. We returned to the hotel and found the Grays awaiting us for lunch, then divided up after, H and the Major going off whilst we two did a potter down Sloane Street and through Woollands etc. The shops are lovely now, all ready for Xmas and so tempting.

Nov 22nd
We said goodbye with sorrow to the Grays last night returning by an evening train. They are going abroad till Xmas. This afternoon I did some long needed calls.

Nov 23rd, Thursday
A long morning of “Shirts” and such a bitter blustering day. When I arrived at the hut it was full of smoke, every fire pouring forth clouds, so we had to sit with the windows open.

Nov 25th, Saturday
H and I drove down together taking the children to their drill and at about 5 the Swaynes (Brenda, her cousin, and Oswald) turned up, both very well and it was most awfully nice to see them both again. Topsy and I sat long over her bedroom fire this evening brushing our hair and gossiping as we have so often done many a time before and this time it is just a year since we last met and therefore we found much to bukk over. The Stork brings her something in April.

Nov 26th
We all went down to church in the morning filing two pews. After lunch we made the men go off for a walk whilst we sat and gossiped until tea. To tea came Mr Morton and Capt Skipwith, the latter being an old friend of the Swaynes. When they had all gone we turned Topsy on to the piano and Oswald sang to us.