November 27th, Monday
The Swaynes left us this morning for Town. Their visit has been all too short but they are on the rampage shopping and theatre going fast and furiously.
This week there is going on throughout the length and breadth of this Deanery what is called a Missionary Mission, that is to say an effort to rouse the interest of those at home in the work abroad and indeed it greatly needs rousing in all of us. The Rector of Farnham came this afternoon to speak to my women and they turned up splendidly. We had 43 crammed into that tiny room. He then went on to the Heath End Mothers and at 8 this evening a meeting was held in the schools where alas very few turned up. Herbert took the chair and with great bravery made a speech at the commencement. We got home by 10.

Nov 28th, Tuesday
A busy day, starting by many chores. Then at 12.30 I went over to Whitmead to lunch with Geoff in his sweet little house. It was a most amusing entertainment and all rather like a novel. His wee house which he has designed stands in its own garden and we lunched in the kitchen which is really fitted up as a dining room. There we fed upon a most succulent hot pot cooked by Geoff and quaffed sparkling cyder. That finished he put on his hat and ran up to the house and fetched a jam roly-poly pudding which we ate with cream and ended up with coffee. We left at 3.15 and I went and called on Mrs Dundas but found her out. The next thing on the programme was the Reading Circle which I attended, getting home at 6.30. We dined at 7.0 and then walked to Farnham to the Missionary Meeting where the Bishop took the chair and several men spoke very interestingly. The one I like the best was a Mr Harris Rivett who came from Australia and told us all about the tremendous tasks they had out there. The hall was crammed full. It reminded me of a book I once read and liked very much called “A Parson in the Australian Bush”.

Nov 29th
At 3 I attended the District Visitors meeting and being Wednesday I suppose and the cheap train to Town there were not many present. It is rather casual I think they way that people are so careless about attending these meetings as it gives Mrs Watson so much more to do and she is driven enough already. We dined again at 7 and went down at 8 to a service of Intercession.

Nov 30th, Thursday
Today I had a most trying experience. It was my day for superintending the Sale at the Club of the Disabled Soldiers and Sailors. Accordingly at 2.30 I arrived there , leaving at 6 and only making £8.0.0 odd! Never again is my motto. It was like a bad dream, too frantic, and I had sent on 61 notices!