December 1st
Here is the first day of the last month, how fast this year has fled away and what a very jolly year it has been. The cold is very bitter, unusually so for this time of year and snow has fallen on the Yorkshire moors. I was in charge of the children today, Nootle spent the afternoon reading and Baby painted strange things in a Suttons catalogue, her hair whisking in and out and creating much disturbance in her works of art. She sang little songs to herself all the time and carried on a sotto voce conversation about the lovely pictures she was making, she is a darling. They both are so awfully good, so contented and happy and both to my eyes such sweet little creatures with their lovely colouring, but then of course I am biased.

Wynne’s week then continued with much work around her “district” – Mothers’ meetings, entertaining and a Mission Sale, about which she commented “a pity that Mission work always savours of the pogbaggishness!”

December 6th
I have had a very busy day of doing various Xmas jobs and so trying to get a little ahead with the thousands of things there are to do and after dinner we went up to a Political Meeting at which the Member spoke and we had a Lantern Lecture on Home Rule, the Lecturer being a member of the National Union Association. He was indeed fluent but I think fancied himself to be Hamlet in disguise!

December 8th
If one hadn’t in one to be depressed this weather would do it all right, so dark and gloomy, but its mild at present which is a blessing. The Grays came to tea, it is so nice to see them again, they have been away for 5 weeks at Cassel, he undergoing an operation to his poor nose.