December 9th, Monday
Here are pictures of the present style of dancing – look like 2 leaves blown together by the wind! simply hideous and rotten. Poggy has gone to Brighton today for two days inspection. I miss him much. Mothers Meeting 38 and a 1000 babies.

December 10th
My space is getting so short in this my old Diary that I have to cram 3 days into a page, I don’t know how I came to have so little left. A dark wet day but very busy with a thousand jobs and rather glad to have it wet!
More meetings follow – Shirts, charity work and a lecture on Malay which Wynne enjoyed. She also continued to entertain and be entertained, though not always approving of the company: one poor man she described as “an ultra modern production of an unspeakable poseur – I can’t away with his freakish ways”.

December 13th
To Town today by the 9.12 and such a busy morning at the Stores, I simply flew around shopping hard and at 2.15 went off to the Tower where that kind Mr Mitchell took us all round such interesting places and I just enjoyed it enormously. At 6.0 I flew off back to Waterloo to pick up my box then to the Flat (her Mother’s) to dress, to dinner came PG, and took me to see “Drake” at his Majesties, a lovely play and we went on to the Carlton afterwards there to quiz the weird frights assembled. A very jolly day.

December 14th
This morning more and more shopping with Mother, lunching at my Club and on to hear Carreno at the Queens Hall, a most splendid performance I did enjoy it. Then we went to tea at Mother’s new Club, the Travellers and County, quite a nice place and admirable situation in Piccadilly, but I should very much hate to leave the old Empress which is now on a really sound basis.

December 16th, Monday
A nursing committee at 12.15 and a Mothers’ Meeting at 2.0. Oh joy and rapture wild! One woman fainted and I don’t wonder as the atmosphere in that room is awful! but they will have it. (Wynne is referring to the heat – she preferred all windows to be thrown open!)

December 17th
The time is so short and there is so much to do that every day is just stuffed with jobs but how I do love it.