December 18th, Wednesday
Poggy was away on a route march all day, and such a day, snow showers and
icy wind. I felt thankful for being a woman and having the option of staying
indoors, besides one wants all the time one can get now-a-days.

December 19th
We went up to Town today to gather in Win and Pinky who arrived back from
school, it is such a joy meeting them at the station. Such a bustle and
excitement. We all went to the Flat were we had lunch and then rushed out
to do shopping returning by the 5.55. Nootie and Baby meanwhile had been
to the Allasons Xmas Tree.

December 20th
I had to attend the Infants Tree at the Schools today, and then we had a
long and weary drive to the St Clairs to dinner.

December 21st
Mother came down today and I went and met her whilst the children went to
the Edens Xmas Tree. They are most awfully gay.

December 22nd
The Skippys came in to dinner last night bringing with them his sister,
a nice girl but so plain which seems strange his being so good looking.
I stayed at home with Mother today, not feeling awfully fit and we got through
a lot of jobs, one always seems so driven at this time of year.

December 23rd
I spent the morning sending off more and more parcels and more cards and
letters but at last I think I have got all off, what a ripping and exciting
time it is! At 3.0 I set off with the children to get another Tree, this
time at the Duffus where we had also a conjurer and dancing, it was a very
gay show and the children got such nice presents and enjoyed their dancing
– at least all but Noot who hates dancing!

December 24th
Such a busy day, at 9.45 to the Church to decorate. On arrival I found Mrs
Watson was in bed with flu so the Church was left in our hands. I just did
my altar rails and rushed off into Farnham to do many last shoppings, the
place was like a distracted beehived, every one on the same errand. I got
home to lunch and decorated the house all the afternoon, then we played
games with the children whilst I worked away at Gran’s night caps for tomorrow,
then we prepared their stockings and then at bed time we stole up stairs
to place these misshapen limbs on their bed ends. Nootle is still a firm
believer and asks how many children Father Xmas has and who his Father was!!