April 1st, Tuesday
I send yesterday so as to arrive this morning the “Snowdon Shoes”
as a little April 1st bon bouche to Maj. Ward and I am hoping that when
I go over tomorrow to the Point to Point he may be wearing them! anyhow
we are now quits!! (This is a reference to the
time in June 1912 when Major Ward presented Wynne with a pair of carpet
slippers after her ascent of Snowdon – you can read the entry on June 6th.
Strangely, no mention is made of them on the following day when she did
indeed attend the meet).

April 3rd
This has been a veritable day on which the Thrush sings.
(A comment linked to a poem sent to her, possibly by the same Major Ward, which ended: “A happy Thrush is singing, and he sings, he sings of you”).
I stepped out into the garden at 6.25 this morning and didn’t go to bed till 12.0 because I was reading, but such a day, simply lovely still warm and brilliant though the wind rose in the evening and rain fell.

April 4th
A horrid cold wet and windy day and one which seems to have been marked by a variety of petty annoyances…I wonder should a broken best glass, coffee like grey ink, a dirty vegetable dish etc make any impression upon one at all they are such trivialities, but there are days when life is made
up of such then its difficult to escape. I have been all round my district
today and reading at the Home, poor things what drab-coloured lives they
have many of them and what a monotonous existence.

April 5th
Actually a day at home, a whole day! and I have spent it nearly all doing
the dolls house. More staining and papering and enamelling the doors. It
is beginning to look sweet. Letters from Ell and Eve, the former leaves
India 16th May and Oh! how I am longing for my trip to meet him.

April 6th, Sunday
At last this wild woman of the woods (Wynne is
here referring to Mrs Pankhurst and the suffragette movement – see the next page view) has received her due but of course she’ll do hunger strike
and a week will see her out again, public feeling runs high against these strange creatures, their window smashing and bombs and general destructive methods are raising great wrath and fury but one cannot see how the law as it stands at present can touch them and one wonders what the end will be.

April 7th, Monday

Poggy returned today having spent the week end with Baby at Springfield,
his report of her is good, her general appearance is better and she is eating
well. I only hope it may last and I shall be glad to have the little creature
back again on Sat. A nursing committee today and my usual M.M. after lunch.
This particular dissipation is coming to an end – only a few more Mon. and
then peace perfect peace.