March 13th, Friday
At last the long-looked-for-day has arrived and I don’t suppose that such an anniversary will ever occur again in our family. Last night I got a panic about Gran, she was sleeping so quietly that I had to come down 3 times before I finally settled off to sleep to hear if she was breathing, and in the morning I heard she had slept like a child from 9 to 7. We breakfasted at 8 at which meal I was not present owing to a fit of cramps which kept me on my back for an hour (convenient day to choose) but by 9.30 I got down and was ready to cope with the uninterrupted procession of letters, wires, presents and flowers that came pouring in. Lena and I set to work and soon the drawing room looked like a flower shop, the table then had to be arranged and I did it with the Gray’s lovely flowers: white, pink and mauve in tulips, narcissus and lilac. We lengthened the Springfield table to its full length, covering it with the one huge cloth belonging to it and for table centre put Aunt Aims pink worked one made about 15 years ago! By the 1.0 train all our guests arrived from Town whose names are to be found on the page before this and when they were all assembled dear Gran was wheeled out. She knew and greeted all with appropriate remarks and was much interested in her beautiful flowers and presents and then we all went into lunch, a cold one on the table. I’ve never seen anything so wonderful as Gran, she took notice of everyone, made an excellent lunch and when we drank her health amidst a loud “for she’s a jolly good fellow” she supped up her champagne in return with much appreciation and relish. (Go to the Family section for more information on the group here)

When lunch was over she retired to her room to rest whilst we occupied ourselves till tea with quilps and cranks taking photos of us all in a group and writing names in this book. By 4.15 tea was ready and in the centre of the table was the huge cake adorned with silver wreaths, surrounded by 100 candles – a really unique sight. Gran was delighted with it! Our lunch party of 17 was added to by the Grays, Fairholmes, Dr Tanner and Col. Fitzroy. Alas by the 6.0 train they all departed leaving us feeling very blank but with the remembrance of a most successful and delightful day behind us. Each and all have been much touched by the many thoughts which have flown to Gran from all parts of the world, the telegrams from the King and Lord Roberts bringing great pleasure and rejoicings, and so ends this great day.

March 14th, Saturday

Still there arrive congratulations for Gran from all sorts of unexpected quarters and from people one has heard nothing of for years. Gran doesn’t seem at all tired or over done to day and actually gave an interview to a reporter of the Farnham Herald the result of which I stick in here (you can see it in the next page). No less than 4 others came up yesterday and this morning her picture and a description were already in the Daily Mail. Lena, Thurie and Walter are staying on a few days, a very jolly family party, but the poor Hamster is far from well and feels the cold considerably, the weather is not behaving itself and we see but little of the sun at present. We are busy making a list of all Gran’s acknowledgements which must be sent off, they have now reached 102! We are going to send away 3 dozen boxes of cake!

March 15th
To Church in the morning, and the rest of the day spent in writing for Gran.

March 16th
Alas the dear old Gran had one of her restless nights and is good for nothing today, it is only what one expected and I wonder she didn’t give way the day after. Walter left us today to return to Mother, I am thankful to have got him for 3 days, it just made the success of the party complete. The usual Mothers’ Meeting today, only about 7 more. Hurrah!!

March 17th
Here is my Saint’s birthday (her husband) and Mother brought her and my presents down with her on Friday and left them on the train! so I had to collect 3 rubbishes together and present them with ceremony and the children gave him their yearly gift of mignonette. At 12 I went up to the Home for a committee meeting and nowt else happened.