This is a picture of a proud boy. William Gilham was the Jackson’s stable and garden boy at Hale. This is a classic example of the sort of opportunity the War afforded people. By signing up, William was able to break away from the rigid old systems. He had a remarkable war, which changed his life, and you can follow his story throughout this diary. (Check out May 28th 1915, Jan 6th 1916 for his news from the Front, and May 15th 1918 for a letter. A later one written on July 27th is also transcribed, and you can see a photo in November 1918)
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By the side of the photo Wynne has written: “William Gillum, the soldier of Upton Lodge” which is interesting, as she clearly had no idea how to spell his surname. Presumably he had always simply been Willie to her. By the time they are corresponding in 1915 she has got it right!