May 19th

I went to tea with the de Mornays today. They have been badly hit in the financial way by the War and I wonder how they can keep going. All her money was invested in Germany and his in stocks and shares that don’t pay. Luckily they have only one boy but he must be educated.

May 20th
We are enduring a vile East Wind and its quite cold today. It blows the flowers about and dries up every thing as if it were mid summer. It has been a horribly gloomy day but I’ve gardened hard to keep myself away from thinking too much.

May 21st
Stella and I have been shopping in Town today for our stall at this wretched Bazaar which comes off in June. Oh! how I hate it. My dear man arrived tonight for 2 days leave.

May 22nd
I have been busy showing the man the new papers in the house and garden, it is just a snatch at happiness having him home, it is nearly a year since he first left now and it will be long unless something unforeseen occurs till he comes to live at home again, not that I would have him live at home now when the world is at work. He too would hate it.

May 23rd, Sunday
Tis Whitsundtide and never I suppose did one need God’s Spirit more than at the present time, more and more get drawn into this fierce conflict and Italy is in the balance. One only trusts it may come to pass for surely it must make a difference. We sat and lazed in the garden this afternoon, it was warm in the shelter but such a wind blowing still.

May 24th
Very few people are making holiday today I fancy, it would be an insult to play cricket, football, tennis or go racing and thank goodness all these things are stopped. My dear left today catching the 2.0 and reaching Swanage after 9.0. We all went down to see him off, the kind Bacon’s lending us their car. Oh! I do miss him so awfully I almost wonder if i like these snatches, the aftermath is so horrible. I garden in desperation and try to forget but the whole place seems just empty. What would one do without our babies.

May 25th
News from Ell that he has had definite orders to sail on the 15th of May so if he did he should soon reach Marseilles and then where? His destination and regiment are alike unknown to us.