This is a very poor photo from Wynne’s paper, but I put it in because it must have seemed extraordinary to her – one of her friends, Major Lyster (seated far left) is in it. He is mentioned in the diary earlier in the war, after he was captured, and also in 1918 when he was part of an extraordinary negotiated release to a neutral country.

The people mentioned, from left to right, are:

Major Lyster, Royal Field Artillery; Major Cuaig, Canada; Captain Campbell, East Surrey Regiment; Captain Rawdon, King’s Own Yorkshire L.I.; Captain Tweedie, Royal Scots; Captain Sloane Stanley, Middlesex Regiment; Lieutenant Nicholls, Suffolks; Lt Carthew, Suffolks; Lt Paget, Norfolks.

Note: Major Cuaig is spelt like that on the page, not Craig. It is quite possibly a misprint.