This is the letter from Wynne’s mother about the bombing raid – in retrospect it all seems so innocent and extraordinary, given what we came to expect later.
Notice the black-bordered funereal writing paper – a pretty general requirement for people at that time.


Dearest Darling
Today I have something to relate – last night at 10.30 Bessie was just brushing my hair when BoomBoomBoom in quick succession a terrific noise suddenly came, then a lot of firing, 2 machine guns going – I looked out and there slowly and quietly coming along quite low and it looked just 2 streets off was a huge Zeppeline (sic) our aircraft like wasps all round – She dropping bombs and firing from a small cloud of smoke. The noise was terrific. The maids rushed in in a panic and I told them to dress – Cyril and I watched it all from the window, it was so exciting one forgot the danger but after a while when she came too near and one felt afraid some of our own shells might hit the roof, I scooted downstairs with wonderful agility! We all did and found everyone there in dressing gowns, night gowns, pyjamas! It really was rather amusing. The porter opened the ground floor flat for us, the people being away, and we sat in the hall smoking cigarettes till about 12.30 – then nothing further happening we went up stairs. The maids would not come at first but I made them. The Zep sailed away calmly pursued by the aircraft like so many wasps – All the fire engines were out and the special Constables – but the trains were running as usual and a good many motors about – It isn’t a pleasant experience – I am afraid they will go on annoying one like this – She went towards the South. I am longing to hear what the damage is – but fancy she came right across London and you should have heard the noise – it was like a battle! and wildly exciting.