September 16th, Thursday

This being the last day of Pink’s holiday we had arranged as a treat that if fine we should go to Hindhead by bus but alas dark lowering clouds hung over us and a thunderstorm seemed imminent as it has suddenly grown fearfully hot and so we gave it up much to our sorrow. We had our tea out and I endeavoured to write to Mabel afterwards but was too often interrupted. Life these days is one long interruption!

September 17th
I have had a day today. Pink and I started off to Town by the 11. It did not reach Town until 1.0 and so we only just caught his train at Paddington. Dear son, I miss him so, but am very proud that he’s been made a Capt. and he is much honoured by the new dignity. I went and saw Mother after leaving him and she drove with me to the station, the heat was tremendous and I arrived half an hour late at Aldershot and walked up to the Hut where Win met me, and I think we had the heaviest evening I’ve ever known, we simply could hardly cope with the streams of men and all the time the air was like a furnace.

September 18th, Saturday
Another grilling day, its rather lovely this second summer but Hut work is strenuous when its so very hot. I was there from 2.15 to 6.0 and had a very full afternoon again. I don’t know why the place is always so full these days but it is splendid, they pour in and it should do well at this rate. My dear thing writes that they too are boiling, it will help to shorten the winter months. He sent me some interesting relics of broken Church glass out of a church near him called Deckebusch and two pieces of 8 inch armour-piercing Naval shell which was fired at one of his guns but did no damage. Ell seems well and writes often dear boy. The 25th Division leaves this on Thursday, we shall miss them and wonder who we shall get in their place.

September 19th
I have been developing films today and tomorrow intend to do a lot of printing. I’ve been so lazy over photographs lately but somehow there is always such a lot to do and it takes a long time. Young Mr Whitehead came out to tea and supper today, he now looks thoroughly equipped for War having had his head shaved – it looks awful and makes them appear like convicts.

September 20th
Monday mornings are always busy. Mrs Bailey and Monica Bacon came in, the former to see me about the Mothers Meeting which on account of the YMCA I had to give up. I felt that with 4 times a week at the YMCA I couldn’t keep it on. We had a very heavy night there tonight, a concert was given. It breaks my heart to think that so many of our nightly visitors are off on Thursday with the 25th Division, so many will not come back again but all seem glad to go and really after a year’s training these sort of soldiers get sick of waiting.