September 21st, Tuesday

It has been such a very lovely day, a day that only Sept can produce, very warm , quite still, and that faint smell of burning rubbish in the air. Last night when I was bicycling home the moon which is nearly full had a huge solar ring round it which means rain but nothing could have been more lovely than today and we all went blackberrying taking the maids with us and got a lot for bottling.

September 22nd
This morning Win and I went down in the Skippy’s little cart to do some last shopping for her, for she leaves tomorrow.

September 23rd
Win and I went down in Walker’s apology for a car and I saw her off to Waterloo. On my return I had a furious altercation with Walker over my bill which he has not given me since Jan. I had a letter from the Hamster (Wynne’s Uncle in Germany) today, much to my surprise, it came through Leila who is back at Ouchy once more and it had been opened by the Censor. He is well and gets about more than usual, it gave no news of course but he did mention Theodore who he said was at the Front so he is evidently still alive. (Ouchy is in Switzerland, near Lausanne, and letters were able to be routed through this neutral territory, so that families could keep in touch).

September 24th
I had to bicycle to the Hut today in the heaviest torrents of rain I’ve ever seen. I nearly got drowned and arrived simply drenched, but I had promised to take a man his watch sent to me by his wife so I had to go. It was lovely bicycling back however, quite still and a beautiful moon.

September 25th
My morning was spent in many chores: my house, Gran’s grave, visiting a sick old man, feeding Pink’s caterpillars and making rissoles for lunch. At 2.15 I hied me to the Hut where I was till 6.0 when at last I got away and young Mr Whitehead walked back with me to supper. They have at last their definite orders and his lot move off on Monday sometime, their destination unknown and their letters are to be addressed simply to their regiment, nothing else. They have been packed up ready to go for 4 days and yesterday in all that rain the King’s Liverpool stood on Parade for 2 hours waiting to go to the station and then were ordered back to barracks again. The popular belief is that all this Division is to go to Serbia! It surely can’t be true.