A heavily censored postcard from a prisoner in Germany, Philip Lyster. It reads:

Clausthal 21-2-
It was such a pleasure to get your letters of 7th and 21st, also the sweeties at Xmas time, ever so many thanks for them all. I can understand what a relief it must be to you to have your man at home again…..We are under snow since before Xmas and while the weather has been mostly fine its very cold – we have had it down to -10°F or 42° of frost. Sometimes we go out for a short walk which relieves the monotony of the camp. We have an ADS which gave “Charlie’s Aunt” on 13/1, the French also have done a play…..I”m rather worried about my head and eyes, they dont seem to improve. I cant do any work without suffering from intense headache – I can stick out this summer…..I wish I could tell you everything, Mother is so nervous I have to be careful what I say – Write when you can and cheer me up – may all continue to go well with you.