A beautifully pencil-written card from a prisoner of war….the stamp is in the strip you navigated from. The prisoner in question was Philip Lyster, and there is a longer letter from him in February.

I hope this may arrive in time to wish you all and your belongings a very very happy Xmas and all possible good things in . May all your wishes come true and more! Time with us has gone slowly of late and we are feeling so weary and so old. I suppose the end must come some time. We held a sort of fete on 3rd to raise money for a Christmas dinner for the men in certain prison camps. All the artists drew or painted programmes which were sold by auction – 200 brought in nearly 6800 Marks. Top price 360 Marks. Russians have an excellent officers band and Russian dancing was A1. British did a play, danced and sang – One danced as a girl and fairly brought down the house. We have a gramaphone in our room which helps a bit, but it isn’t easy to get records. Had a long letter from old Hal lately, he seemed pretty fit. Hope you are flourishing and that all goes well with you – Wonder if any of our friends will recognise us if we ever get home again. I tried for Switzerland but wasn’t accepted. Better luck later perhaps. If you ever find time heavy on your hands write to me – I’ll appreciate it. Best of wishes. P.G.L.