Pages from October, containing the sealed envelope with Skipworth’s flowers sent from the front line, a jokey prayer from the Westminster Gazette, and the POW card from Philip Lyster, saying that he hopes the prisoners might get moved to Holland. It is dated 31/8/17 and read:

“So very glad to get yours of the 7th July. Just now we think and talk of nothing except our chance of going to Holland. Dear Friend, I am very tired and very very old – and very bald – all that’s left of me is hardly worth worrying over! My eyes have been a bit better lately and except for a more or less permanent headache am fairly it. However comparative freedom will work wonders I expect and after 3 years I ought to be fairly sure of going. You are lucky to have your man at home, good luck to him. it seems more than 3 years since the old days and yet they are very green in my memory and I long to live them over again. Please god I shall be able to write you a letter before long. Bless you. P”