August 21st, Wednesday

This top cutting is from some evidence lately to hand, comment is superfluous, only one thinks in amazement of the fertile brains which can devise tortures worse than any savage tribe has ever yet succeeded in inventing. The smaller cutting is amusing, there has lately been passed the Luxury Tax, on pianos, clothes, jewellery, vehicles, scents, foods etc and so now everything is at standard prices, even gloves and shoes, and if you chose to pay more you have to pay the tax, so much in the 1/-. We shall shortly take to grass and leaves. I personally haven’t had a new coat and skirt for 4 years, my best one being 5 years old, and for all I care it will be 5 more years before I cast it.

August 23rd
Ell writes that he has a Board upon the 4th Sept and if they pass him he will have to go to India again. I hardly feel that they will, seeing he has an enlarged spleen which means fever at the slightest heat but I shall be glad when I hear the result of the Board. How much I long to see him – I look upon all this time as time wasted as when and if he goes out again goodness knows when he’ll be home.

August 24th
A hard day’s work – up as usual at 5.30 and worked in the plot until 7.0, then chickens, rabbits, frames etc. Hospital from 10 to nearly 3.0, home and swept the drive tidy, cleaned chicken houses and fed them and pranced down to the plot for rabbit food. Supper 8.30 and bed at 9.45! A full programme!

August 25th, Sunday
To Early Service with H. BG and I to Kirk at 6.0. Shelley preached on the evil of underestimating the importance of little things, an excellent subject, but he always preaches as though we were all children or village idiots and need simple language. I daresay he’s right! I got yesterday this announcement from Phil Lyster of his wedding, it seems so strange to read it, quite a fashionable affair and it seems so odd under the circumstances, he so lately a prisoner. (You can see earlier letters from Lyster when he was in Germany).

August 26th
Today Mother arrived.

August 27th
At Hospital all day, sister is in great trouble, her son being dangerously wounded. She heard apparently on Friday and has had no line since or wire. It is horribly anxious work waiting and I fear it looks bad.

August 28th
I am making marrow jam and have made 18lbs using only 3½ of sugar. It is not really the kind I like but I am getting the proper receipt from Mrs Young.

August 29th – 31st
Win arrived. We are now 13 in the house, a very gay party.