December 1st, Sunday

The last month of the year has arrived, and it is mild and sunny today. For the sake of our comfort these coal-less days one hopes it may continue but I fear until we get a period of frost this terrible scourge of Influenza will continue. There seems no abatement and people all over the world are dying like flies, never since the days of the Great Plague has there been such mortality and we with all our hygiene and science seem unable to check it. I am glad to be in clean country air though there is also much of it down here.

Dec 7th, Saturday
I have missed out a week as there has been nothing to recount. Hospital today for a final clean up but it is closed for the present and so I am free from that job. It seemed so strange up there, all the wards empty and al the clothes and bedding piled up in heaps. I gathered large pans of final dust and took Pink up who did the kitchen grate and came out looking like a sweep!
One day this week our member, Colonel Herbert, had a meeting at Merriott to which we went. There were not a dozen people present – a pity as he spoke well, but I hear that the Liberal member had the same luck, people are not keen on politics at this election, at any rate not here. We are to have three meetings for women in this village and I am curious to see how they go off. I don’t believe half the women know that they have the vote even! The papers this week have had some very interesting articles by Gibbs of our advance into Germany and I have cut one out.One simply cant realise that our army with the rest are streaming into Germany with the intention of squatting there until the whole indemnity is paid, meanwhile though we provide our own food Germany has got to pay for it. The other cutting by Leonard Spray is an account of the return of the German armies. If these people had been clean fighters and had played fair how much more tragically this would read, but as it is one’s heart is stoney. There is an article in Blackwood this month called “For Women” by one. It is the most fearful reading I have ever read and if the women of England have any souls in their bodies they will see to it that these ghastly horrors are not forgotten. It is not the Army alone but the whole nation is poisoned all through.

Dec 8th, Sunday
How could anyone after reading an account like this have any pity left, any mercy in their hearts or anything but the hardest determination that justice, not revenge, but ordinary and common justice, shall be meted out to these devils. The description of the Lille Black Hole makes one wonder that any man came out alive and even if alive how could they retain their brains. How horrible and literally fiendish it all is, and this is supposed to be a human race. This cutting about the fate of the poor Romanoffs is another proof. Its all too frightful.

Dec 9th
It has been a vile day, cold, wet and grey. I was out at intervals all day, from 10 to 10! I spent the morning in Crewkerne shopping, then after lunch I went up to baby Welfare and had the usual four and at 6.30 I went up again, this time walking in a streaming torrent to the meeting of the W I. To my great surprise we had 33 or 35. We had a very cheery little meeting ending up with tea and music.

December 10th, Tuesday
A day at home spent when the weather permitted in wood sawing and snatches of gardening. My morning washing is no longer such a nightmare as it was however, as I now have the water put into a hay box over night and it is quite hot in the morning. Formerly owing to the delightful hot water arrangements of this house I always had to have cold.