January 14th, Monday

After yesterday’s lovely day we were surprised to awake this morning to 3 inches of snow. The world looked very lovely so I got up and went out to my chickens. There was no breath of wind and every twig was thick with snow. The children dressed up in rubber attire and had a great snow balling in which we all joined, and not being so well equipped got thoroughly soaked. We kept ourselves employed in sawing wood.

Jan 15th
A wild night and pouring torrents and not a vestige of snow to be seen. Very dirty and horrible out today.

Jan 16th
Very busy today making scratching sheds for my fowls who are feeling all this damp and cold. The family’s colds are better and all more cheerful. The following extract out of an American’s speech is rather neat: he said “We’ll fight to the end and the Kaiser has about as much chance of whipping us as a celluloid cat has of catching an asbestos rat in Hell”. A most ingenious turn of thought and so American! Yarmouth has been receiving a shelling from a raider and today the guns were going like mad.

Jan 17th
A perfectly fiendish day, deep snow in the morning and a drizzle of rain all day long, but the snow lay all day and in a howling hurricane the poor Hutches arrived looking draggled and soaked. They have come for 3 or 4 days and what are we to do if this sort of weather continues. Enclosed cutting (see Hoarding article in previous window) shows to what a condition things are coming to, housekeeping is anxious work and I really sometimes hardly know which way to turn.

Jan 18th
All day long it has poured and pelted and we have been prisoners in the house. I was most awfully pleased and interested to get this morning actually a letter from Phil Lyster telling me all about his release and as it is a matter of real interest I stick it in here. Poor fellow, how awful its all been. I wrote to him some days ago and I do hope he will get it. Of course I expect it takes ages but this letter has no date. (Lyster had been a prisoner of war in Germany, and could only write cards – but had recently been released with a group into more congenial conditions in Holland…see earlier years for cards and a photo from him, for instance April 1917. You can read the full letter in the next window).
Two more Destroyers have been lost in the recent gales and all hands lost save one. Horrible. All theatres are closed in America to save coal! No more methylated is to be sold, a real trial, and so on and so forth.

Jan 19th
The frightful weather continues though not quite so wet today. Today being the weekly day for cleaning out the hen houses and animals we all set to and did it. Its rather an arduous work these days what with 3 hen houses and four animal pens. After tea we played wild games such as Bears and Dark Game and Sky etc. I had a phone message from Ell tonight asking me to go up to the Panto on the 25th but alas I do not feel justified in spending the money.

Jan 20th
A howling gale and torrents of rain. At the moment, 7pm, the Hutches and Baby are doing a jigsaw, Noots on one side of me and Win on the other are reading and writing respectively, and Pink is doing stamps. The wind is roaring round the house and shrieks down the chimney sounding perfectly awful. My dear son goes back to college tomorrow alas, and the Hutches also leave. We are supposed to be in quarantine for another 3 weeks and I am getting a bit sick of this isolation. No more fresh cases so far but I cannot believe that we can escape.