July 20th

We have after much pondering come to what to us is a momentous decision and that is we have decided to send the children to school. Miss Hall leaves us at the end of this term and we have felt for some time that it would be very nice for them if we could manage it. I therefore made enquiries from Mrs Wood of schools at Malvern and have received excellent recommendations of Malvern Girls College, and go up on Monday to have a look round. I cant contemplate what life will be like when we are without any of them, it will seem like the early days before any arrived only much worse as then we didn’t know them! I am writing to Mother and Ell about it and am curious to know what they will say. I am so longing for them to have young companionship and games and all the other advantages of community life and they are both very excited at the thought of going. (Ysobel was 14 and Eleanore 10!)

July 21st, Sunday
A church full of WAACs again. Going up this morning we met a lot going to work, their costumes really made one feel unsexed! We are not built for such weird manlike garments and those who owned legs like gateposts and bodies like bolsters did not show to advantage. One was swaggering along in khaki breeches, her hands in her pockets, a hat on one side and she only needed a cigarette to make her quite complete. Their hair makes me sick, it flies in angles to the four winds, all dust and twigs, and I’m sure judging from their gentle aroma they never wash!

July 22nd
I travelled up to Malvern today by the 9.0 from Ilminster, changing at Taunton and Bristol, then on by the Midland changing at Cheltenham arriving at 2.40. I went straight to the Woods who had offered to put me up, only to find that when they received my wire they thought it was Bob and so they wired back “Delighted” as though their spare room was full they intended putting him in Mr Wood’s dressing room. Finding ultimately my name on my PC they got me a room at Gold Hill. Well I had tea with them and then Mrs W took me over to Hatley St George which is the Junior House and where I interviewed Miss Dawson, the Head of it. I found a large house and garden, a crowd of excited girls who go home tomorrow, a very nice lady and a nose that called for a powder puff. I went over the garden with her, then the house, and talked about all things connected with it and finally had supper with her and the staff.. Quite a pleasant set of very plain headed females of the usual school ma’am type! I left at about 9.0 and to the Woods where I smoked a cigarette and talked over matters. Well the long and the short of it is that on the 19th Sept they both set forth and we shall be utterly bereft.

July 23rd
I travelled home again today leaving by the 11.21 with a crowd of girls going home, changing at Hereford and Taunton at which latter place I had two hours to wait. I met on the platform Vodden (one of her patients at the hospital) who was returning from 3 days leave so I took him into the town and gave him some tea after which we walked around and inspected the place and then on arrival at Ilminster drove him home with me.
This day my friend Philip Lyster was married in the Hague as enclosed wire which I got from him some days ago will show. He is interned out there and his girl went over to work with the Dutch Red Cross. I am so very glad of it as his health is none too good and now he will have someone to look after him and nurse him. What a difference it will make to him, poor one, after nearly 4 years imprisonment. (For the full story, with links to each part, go to his page in Editor).

July 24th
I had to go first to Hospital and then to Dimington on W.I. business. The difficulties of starting village industries are slowly but surely driving me dotty!