July 25th, Thursday

Miss Hall (the governess) left us today for good. I miss her much, it is quite sad to see her empty room and place at table. We have had 18 months of uninterrupted friendship with never a shadow of a disagreement and she has always been so helpful and pleasant.

July 26th
The workings of Tommies’ minds are strange – that my shy and frightened erstwhile stable boy should now consider himself as my “soldier boy” is an example thereof! Willie is home on leave at least after over 3 years service on six different fronts. I should like to see him again. I also had a card from Tom today who is also home on leave and him we hope to see as he may be coming to Burnham to see a brother and that is not far. (Willie’s letter is transcribed, see previous window, and the reference to “soldier boy” comes from the embroidered card seen in an earlier window this month, also with a transcript. Go to his page in Editor for all the links).

July 27th, Saturday
I am having a day off in bed today and there steals over me a lovely feeling of real legitimate idleness. My body is lean and hard and strong as a horse so that I can work like a horse but I do find that one complete day off occasionally is necessary and just bucks me up to renewed effort. Pink writes that he fears he has missed his Remove this term as his exams have pulled him down 7 places. Its awful hard luck as it means he wont be in the Upper School next term.

July 28th
I went up to Early Service today and so am taking a day off from Matins. H having taken the girls I sit here under the beech trees for we have fine weather again and the prospect is very fair. The air is full of the sound of bees and summer insects and the garden gay with colours. In the distance the scene provides a touch of War and its needs, for I see a huge field of stacked flax. the work of women pullers. These stacks looks exactly like a large herd of grazing cattle, so odd and at the back are three big wagons loaded ready to go. Soon the harvest will be cut as it is all getting golden now, how quick the year flies by. I can scarcely believe we have been here nearly two years. I hope the Fates will move us next year. I’m quite ready to go!

July 29th
This letter came from Willie, such a good letter considering what he was. How well I remember him when first he came, a small wizened underfed misery and how Veacock (the cook) took him in hand and made him go to Church and get confirmed and wash etc and now he’s turned into such a smart soldier and quite a man. I wish we could have seen him. I often wish we could meet some of our old servants – I have had luck. (Letter in previous window + transcript)

July 30th
Hospital again. Our cookie alone in the kitchen again so consequently the air rather electric. Coming home met Aimie Coles who requests help in the kitchen tomorrow so up I go again. (There is no July 31st)