Two examples of ration cards. The first is for Sugar – and you can read a transcript of the severe rules and regulations. On production of this paper you received coupons. She appears to have got coupons in January and April .

The second is a margarine and butter card, quite different from the first in that it recorded the purchases, and was only usable in one shop.

Sugar coupon paper:


Upon production of this Ration Paper at a Post office, sugar coupons will be issued for the next ensuing period, the Paper being date stamped to show when the coupons were issued. It may not be again presented until the period for which the coupons were issued has expired. A coupon must be handed to the retailer upon the purchase of the corresponding ration.
This Ration Paper may only be used by or on behalf of the person named on the other side, to whom it has been issued. It is not transferable and anyone using it except for the benefit of the person to whom it has been issued is guilty of an offence. It must be preserved with the greatest care, since if it is lost or destroyed it will not be replaced except upon the strictest evidence. Anyone finding it must immediately hand it in at the nearest Post Office unless able to return it at once to the owner.

1. To make, or attempt to make, any use of this Paper except the person to whom it has been issued or a person acting on behalf of the person to whom it has been issued.
2. To personate, or falsely represent himself as, the person to whom it has been issued or a person acting on behalf of the person to whom it has been issued.
3. To retain this Paper, where he has no right to retain it, or to fail to comply with any direction issued by lawful authority for its return.
4. to alter, or attempt to alter, or to forge any entry upon, or otherwise tamper with, this Paper, or to make or cause to be made, or knowingly to have in his possession, any paper so made as to resemble or colorably imitate a Ration Paper.
Offences are punishable with a fine of £100 or 6 months’ imprisonment, or both.

Margarine and Butter card