Herman von Poellnitz was Wynne’s cousin. She had already lost one favourite, Bill Fallowfield, so this was another blow. Herman refused to change his name, and had fought on the Allied side with no repercussions. In fact Wynne probably experienced more anti-German feeling in her little Somerset village than he did.

He was killed while out in Mesopotamia, not in the air but in a motor accident. This photo is of the monument erected to him by “The Officers, WOs, NCOs and Men of his squadron”.

For a photo of both cousins, and news of Bill’s death, click here.

And now listen to Ysobel’s memories of Herman. Both Bill and Herman were favourites of hers, largely because they indulged her so kindly.

Herman is buried in the Baghdad (North Gate) War cemetery, (Memorial ref: X.F.8). This is a big cemetery, containing over 4000 graves. He is listed as dying on 11th May .