May 14th, Tuesday

I have signed on at Hospital for General Service, so decked out in a brown frock and VAD trappings I went up for my first days work today. How I do wish I could quit the vile kitchen and go up into the wards altogether but alas it is not to be and I am on for both. I was on from 10 to 5, first with Miss Irish and then Mrs Hole so I was in lucks way.

May 15th
On my return home I found a letter from Willie (Gilham – see July 18th 1918 for a second letter transcribed, and links to other references to William). I had not heard for so long that I rather feared the worst, but he is now in Palestine and had I imagine been present at the taking of Jerusalem. I am sticking his letter in here because it is interesting and rather a wonderful letter for a boy like him. He sent me some flowers which I put in here also but alas they had partly stuck to the letter which has evidently been at the bottom of the sea for the envelope was all unstuck and the letter is all stained. I have sent him a parcel but things are so difficult to get now and chocs and sweets almost impossible. I heard too today from Swayne who is at Corfu still but was moving back to Salonica much to his regret. He seems to be having no end of a time.

May 16th
We are having a spell of the most lovely weather. I have begun my early rising and Oh! it is perfect out the first thing, I simply can’t lie in bed and take no heed of Pogg’s groans of remonstrance which come rumbling out from the fastnesses of his blankets.

May 17th
The heat continues, each day succeeds the last with cloudless sky and brilliant sun. The country in its first green gowns, the spring flowers, the never ceasing songs of all the birds all go to make up perfection in this quiet sleepy hollow. Alas that it should be so sadly different over yonder.
There has been a meeting held here today in order to start a branch of the Women’s Institute Movement, an organisation originating in Canada for the Improvement of Rural Life and the revival of Home Industries. It is a self-supporting affair and not a charity and we formed our branch here with between 30 and 40 members. They have elected me President, Miss Altree ViceP, Mrs Tozer Sec and Miss Welch Tres. and we are to have our first meeting in June at which it will be decided what industry we are to take up.

May 18th
Hospital as usual and Fish Day! A sore trial on such a hot day. After work went to decorate the Font for tomorrow.
I have now heard the most horrible news. Poor old Herman (her cousin, Thurie’s son) who was in Mespot in the R.A.F. has been killed in a motor accident. His poor people heard by wire. What they will do I cant imagine for indeed there is little else for them to live for, he was their one and only and such a fine specimen of humanity. It is all a horror to me and I cant get over the tragedy of it all.

May 19th, Sunday
We went this morning to the 7.0 Service as the 8.15 was Choral and we neither of us care for the efforts in this direction of the village choir, well intentioned though they are. It was a morning of absolute perfection. If only this horrible carnage was not going on over the way all would be perfection, but still it continues. The Huns are now preparing a further push which they say is to be final! God knows what the result will be but one has no fear of that, only one dreads the horror of it all and the loss of lives and misery it brings in its train. One is utterly weary of it all.

(Wynne stopped entries here, and only resumed on June 2nd).