September 25th, Wednesday
I have purposely left out 4 days but inwardly not outwardly I hope I’ve been so depressed. I miss my 3 so desperately. I here insert their letters as a remembrance.
More good news from abroad and in Palestine a complete rout of the Turks is taking place, also the Bulgarian army is in retreat and all is well on the Western Front. Thank God for it all. Meanwhile we have a railway strike on and no mails today.

Sept 26th
We picked potatoes – the Arran Chief which is coming up splendidly. Wheeled manure on to the spring cabbage patch, but there is so much to do one gets fair mazed!

Sept 27th
Called up to Hospital today and worked there from 10 until 5. After I had finished I went to the Alms houses for a committee meeting and so didn’t get home till 6.30.

Sept 28th
To Hospital again, kitchen this time, and it is no mean job cooking and washing up for 30 people. Then to the church where I decorated the font for the harvest festival. I had a letter yesterday from Phil Lyster who was actually in London! and on his way with his wife to Dublin. How wonderful it must seem to him to be really free after 4 years hideous imprisonment. All war news simply marvellous and Bulgaria asking for an armistice.

Sept 29th
This has been the wettest and coldest day we’ve had for months. When Poggy came home he insisted on lighting a fire, which we did of wood for coal is out of the question. The joy and comfort of seeing and hearing hissing logs made one warm all over.

Sept 30th
The last day of September and such a disappointment this month has been – torrents of rain and high winds. I had today a long letter from Douglas Whitehead – he is now in hospital at Newcastle. It is 8 months since I saw him last in town, since when he’s been engaged and is now disengaged, so quickly do things happen, but its better to find it our before marriage than after. (See Jan 28th and 29th – DW is Jackdaw).

This caricature by Charles de Mornay is of a conscientious objector. Wynne has written “Baker” underneath it, in reference to an old servant of hers mentioned by William Gilham in his letter in July.