A typical Christmas card from the occupying forces living in Germany – this one comes from Major Gore Browne – he had been a Captain under Herbert, hence the reference to Swanage. He was now stationed in Germany. His letter written inside the card is transcribed below it. If you follow the link it will take you to 1915, where you can read two more letters from him.

Christmas Card from S Gore-Browne, based with the Army in Germany

Dear General
I’ve been meaning to answer your letter since last January when I received it. I am so ashamed. I hope you and Mrs Jackson and your son and daughter are all flourishing. I sent him a knife from here, as its one of the things the Bosch turns out pretty decently.
I finished up in the 5th Division last April when it ceased to exist, and came on here to GHQ. At this actual moment I’m C.E.S. (more or less) to Sir William as my General’s on leave. I’m wondering how long I’ll survive. Normally I’m GS Operations and Staff duties with a good big department doing things like neutral Zone moves to Silesia and other things over and above the usual defence schemes and organisation. It’s all extraordinarily interesting, and its been a wonderful year.
Its funny to think of Swanage and then of Cologne – they seem so very far apart. I was up in Berlin the other day and there you really do feel you’ve won the war. Please remember me to Mrs Jackson.
Yours sincerely, S Gore Browne.