May 20th, Tuesday

I shall never feel that this years Diary is a proper one as I can but barely write once a week owing to the shortage of leaves, however it must just be a summary of events. Last Wednesday was exceptionally hot and D Lowe took me with Miss Altree and Mrs Tozer into Taunton by car to a big meeting of the W.I. where we heard some very interesting speeches and the doings of other W.I.s There were I should think between 100 and 200 women there and the Hall was stifling. On Friday to my great pleasure came Phil Lyster for the weekend. He is doing a course at Shoebury (ness) and Salisbury and came over from the latter. He is looking so much better than when I saw him in Town and we had much interesting conversation about his prison days and also some birds nesting in which he is very keen. On Sunday we broke the Sabbath and did not go to Kirk in the morning but to the stream and watched for nests instead. I feel that the Good God was as near us down there as in a “Temple made with hands”. He left in the afternoon as he had to be on the ranges early Mon, but is coming again next weekend. Yesterday, Monday, H went off house hunting and I am longing to see results.

May 22nd, Thursday
This is continuing to be the most perfect May I can ever remember. Every day Mother sits out in the garden from morn till eve and each day passes the other in quiet contentment. Last Sun also we sat down 10 as the Marriotts came up and Dorothy Lowe brought her two Australians. The Lowes are entertaining men from overseas for a week at a time to show them a little English home life before they leave the country. On Tuesday last we had our yearly Rogation Service in the fields. It is a very charming revival I think and was held in a field on the Lopen road overlooking miles of glorious countryside at 8pm, and there in the midst of God’s perfect work we asked His Blessing on the crops for the year.
Phil Lyster came this last weekend again and we did an afternoon at Bryces Mills on Sat, taking tea with us. It was just perfect down there, so still and warm and quiet. We hunted for birds nests and lazed about and talked about his past 4 years. He left again on Sunday afternoon for the Plain and goes north tomorrow. I’ve been getting up at screech lately, the early mornings are so perfect I cant lie in bed. Poggy came back from his hunt having drawn a blank. He went to Malvern and saw the girls and found alas that poor Babs was in bed with a cold so she couldn’t go out with him.