April 1st, Thursday
“Oh to be in England, Now that April’s there”. The poet would not have approved of April today for its hardly ever ceased pouring all day long and and the roads are a sea of mud.

April 2nd, Good Friday
Most terrible weather, and Good Friday always feels sad enough without this additional asset. We went down to Kirk in the morning and after lunch I and the girls went down into the little roadside wood and picked anemones and “wild dogs” and gathered moss but the place was a swamp.

April 4th, Easter Sunday
This morning to Early Service all this house went except my babby and Maggie, the latter not being confirmed. It was my Nootsie’s first Communion. Then to Mattins we went and to Evensong also, to which H and I were motored by young Crawley Boevey who happens to be down here, a nice boy and the first time I’ve really seen him. He is hardly ever down as he is working at a Chartered Accountants office in Town and gets very sparse holidays.

April 5th
Alas our Easter weather has been so awfully bad and still is that the folks will have had all their holiday spoilt.
I enclose here a letter Mother received from Ell’s bearer, Gagan. It is of course written by a Baboo but the final signature is his, and the remark about the babies is rather neat. The Kerrs came to tea and thank goodness it was a fine afternoon. They used to live here long ago and so were interested in the changes.

April 6th
The rain comes steadily down and the mud defies description. We all went down to tea at the Rectory, rather a trial but they are so hospitable and so anxious to please one feels a wretch to criticise. The garden is a wilderness. The baby was brought out for inspection and immediately I took him set up a wild howl! It is 5 months old and has only been out of the house once! Wicked!

April 7th, Wednesday
Win’s birthday and she is 21 today! It only seems a day since I held her in my arms for the first time at Motihari. My dear Pink came back today so I have them all complete again.

April 9th
Another day of deluge. The weather is as fearful now as it was perfect in March and all outdoor work is at a standstill. We had to tea here the Blake family, a long promised affair, and the children were taken up to the Den where they played with the Dolls house, ending up with games. (Blake was the gardener).
A letter from Eve, her hill trip is off alas and I wonder how she will fare this hot weather.

April 10th, Saturday
We have seen the sun! For about an hour it shone quite hot.

April 11th
When we came down to breakfast we found the usual rain descending and anticipated a wet walk to Kirk but it cleared and remained fine all day. I did not feel inspired for Church but that is no reason for not going so I went twice on purpose! I am reading again Trine’s “Winning of the Best”, an American writer of much vitality and such practical truth. God puts into the brains of some men things that really are “inspired”. There is no doubting the fact. (Wynne is referring to Ralph Waldo Trine).