April 23rd, Friday
The hens laid 23 eggs and I now have nearly 300 in pot. We managed today to plant out our violet suckers. A really lovely day.

April 24th
AT 6 this morning I arose and roused the three who all got up, Pink to try and find a rabbit and the others to slug. We give them 1d for 20 and they earned quite a lot of money. I paid out 6/- today and last week the same. I did some gardening, fed the chickens and skimmed. During the morning we had the usual rain but it came out a lovely afternoon. The children all went down to fish and H and I to the VHs there to meet Sir F and the Wemyss.

April 25th, Sunday
After lunch I prevailed upon the three children to go with me to the woods. We rambled away trying to find St Anthony’s Well. After searching the whole afternoon we at length came upon it, a stone bathing pool built ages ago and for the use of people who suffered from skin diseases. The most efficacious cure is said to be wrought by dipping 9 times running at dawn in may (I shall take H there to cure his skin of irritation!). The steps going down into it are quite worn and one can well imagine the horrible skin diseases that were taken there to be cured. Coming home we passed the perfect bluebell woods of Flaxley in the mass of blue, pale green and brown. The girls came home while Pink and I went to tea with Sir Francis. He has lately taken down some of his ancient tapestries and sent them to Christies. I wonder what it will fetch.

April 26th
I had a pleasant afternoon, going by bus to Minsterworth. I went first to see Maggie’s mother, a nice old thing and from there called on some new people and lastly at Mrs Vivian Ellis who lives with her daughter in a charming old house by the river and there I stayed till 7 when I caught the bus home. She gave me heaps of plants for my garden.

April 28th
The last day of being all together. I do so hate the thought of the girls going tomorrow. We spent the whole day in the garden.

April 29th
A busy morning packing the girls boxes and each time it is a wonderment to me how I ever get half their million belonging into them. They went by the 3.30 train this time and Pink and I saw them off. It breaks my heart afresh every time and thank goodness I shall have Nootsie back in 18 months time for good.

April 30th, Friday
I had an interesting post, letters from Eve and Adie and Mother, who tells me Ell was shooting with Mr Lyall who got a tiger and he a leopard. Eve wrote from the Hills where she is safely ensconced for 6 months and is very happy. Adie the dear sent me a whole lot of carved ivory and a lovely ivory bracelet for Noots with carved tigers creeping around it.