August 1st, Sunday
We were asked to the Abbey yesterday to watch their Tournament but it was too damp to sit about much and we didn’t feel it was worth a car so we just stayed at home and gardened, our chief work being liquid manuring!

Aug 2nd, Monday
Rain again. Babs and I worked all the same, she tucking her cloak of hair into her mackintosh, and then we made baskets when it got too fearful. We’ve just sold our calf to Capt VH and shall buy two young pigs with the money.
I am very pleased that we shall be able to pay for our Separator with the butter money and our new churn too!

August 3rd, Tuesday
I have the blues tonight! An astonishing and surprising fact, but though it so seldom occurs with me yet one cannot always feel the same. The only one of my household who appears and really is gay is my Baby who has been working about with me since 6.30 this morning when we cut dead heads from all the Pansy plants, but it has been a day of crosses – the bath water was cold, result a heart to heart talk with the one responsible (I hate this), all day Mother has been feeling mimsy and H has a go of his old fever, neither eat any dinner and so and so forth. One of those days when you want to go and hide but the sun shone!

Aug 4th
All is well today. My morning began at 6 when I made eight and a half pounds of butter. Martha tried to make the day begin annoyingly by thrusting the soft broom at me and saying it was the only one we had and Blake had used it to sweep lime but I waved her away. Each servant had rather a face but I sang like a demented canary and would have no truck with glooms!!

Aug 5th, Thursday
We had been expecting Pink home on Saturday so our surprise can be imagined when suddenly the door opened at lunch and in walked a young soldier. Really for a moment I didn’t know him and then in a burst of joy I realized that it was my son, my only son!
We had been asked to the VHs to a tennis party but not only would Pink’s coming have stopped it but I had three decayed bogies to tea including a weird female whom we christened Cherry Ripe by reason of her hat which was weighed down by about a lb of them!

Aug 9th, Monday
Alas Mother left us today. Thurie is back in Town from Margate and B is back too so she thought she had better retrace her steps. I miss her much.

Aug 10th
I was glad to see it fine today as we all went off to a large picnic given by the Douglas Coopers on the hills beyond Bullo Point. We rode into Newnham and motor trained from there to the Hall from where we walked up through the woods. We were about 30 in all and a great tea we had after which we played infantile games which rather bored me I must own. I feel so old when playing “cat and mouse” or “Twos and threes” etc.

(The diary breaks off here, and does not resume until November).