December 1st, Wednesday
Tomorrow we go to Town and so are busy preparing to do so. It’s almost as much work going away as staying at home! There will be no one left in the house so we are churning and charring and cleaning and putting away etc. I am longing for the fleshpots and I am sure it will do us both good to frivol for a bit. (They were invited up by Blanche Gray, a very old friend.  Capt Gray had served under Herbert and had a tragic accident early in the war.  Gray and Herbert went back a long way).

Dec 2nd
Up early, chored, cooked breakfast, washed up! Put silver away, packed up flowers and hamper and generally tidied up. We went up by the 11 train and as we go so seldom indulged in 1st Class, so comfortable and so well worth it. Called on Mother en route leaving hamper and flowers and then on to Blanche Gray whose lovely car was sent to meet us. On arrival a lovely tea and then I went off to unpack and change, then an early dinner and to “The Garden of Allah”, a wonderful play but horribly tragic and “kick the seatish”. We were a party of 6 and by the end of the play I was unashamedly howling.

Dec 3rd, Friday
It’s not bad to lie in bed till 8 and know that your tea will be brought to your bedside and that you need not get up, prepare breakfast, sweep rooms and grates and wash up! We spent the morning at the stores which were empty. Surprised we asked the reason and the man replied that all goods were so high that people simply hadn’t the money to buy them. In the evening we went to “The Skin Game”, a Socialist play most excellent and most unpleasant as are most plays now-a-days and most books for that matter. Am I becoming Early Victorian!!

Dec 4th
H and I went off to the City this morning to King and co, then met the Jack Grays and Blanche at the Berkeley where we had a most glorious lunch such as only the Berkeley can produce and feeling perfectly stiff we went on to Maskelyne’s as they had a child with them but it is really a most entertaining show. Returned late, had tea at the Jack Gray’s, rushed home to dinner and on to see the Russian dancers at the Coliseum (see next panel). Mark Hambourg played and a variety of other excellent performers. People are still wearing nothing, literally old women and young ones. I think they are disgusting.

Dec 5th, Sunday
We went this morning to the Chapel Royal hearing that Mr Hugh Chapman was a very fine preacher. For my part I was much bored by what I did hear and for the rest I went to sleep! A pity when there is so much worth hearing in Town. I shall go to St Martin’s next Sunday. We all lunched at the club and after went to the Junior Naval and Military where we met Jim Skipworth who has had an operation in Milbank Hospital and looks so ill.

Dec 6th
This morn B and I went up to Harrods to rag pick and saw some very satisfactory garments but I’ve never seen anything like the price of everything, its simply awful. Home at 12 to pack and off to Mother where I lunched and then off to shop again. Gradually I am getting a few things together but it is a real business these days.

Dec 7th, Tuesday
I have celebrated my holiday by catching my usual cold, its very trying and makes one feel such a beast. However off we went shopping as hard as we could to Bond Street where I tried to get clothes and failed and in a tempest went a bought a pair of shoes for 3 guineas! After lunch we went to the Imperial Institute where we met Mother and Thurie and attended the Going Away at Home of the Maharajah Thalawar. Quite an interesting show and lots of natives, men and women in costume. He is a nice little man and very English.

Dec 8th
I stayed in all morning nursing my cold but after lunch we sallied forth to B&H rag picking. I picked two, a purple coat and skirt for which I paid 73/- !!! and a grey silk coat frock, 89/-. awfully cheap. Hurried home as dinner was early owing to the Opera being at 7.45. “Lohengrin” was given. It seemed so strange to hear that divine music again, of course ever since the War it has been forbidden and this is its first season of reappearance. It seemed weird to see German eagles and German costumes on the stage. The music was lovely but most of the voices rather poor.