December 16th, Thursday
Poggy so seedy that I have kept him in bed. His cough is awful so I phoned for the Dr, he came out and said no bronchitis yet but that it might turn to it. At about noon Babs and Noots arrived looking splendid. We shall be busy this Christmas with no maids, and Mother and Thurie and Pink soon arriving. It is most horribly cold and in many places skating is in full swing.

Dec 17th
Poggy no better but he got up and came down to the drawing room. I hate to hear his cough and it make him so breathless and tired out. I am so busy I can hardly breathe, doing up parcels, writing letters, cooking, house-maiding and the never ceasing endless flow of washing up. As soon as one meal is done and put away its time to begin the next. I get up at 6.30 and begin my chores to the accompaniment of the snores of the others!

Dec 18th
The Dr came and pronounced slight bronchitis. If this is slight I do not wish to see severe. He does not vocate bed but just one room and there my man sits all day and can do nothing.

Dec 19th
A great deal of writing and parcel doing up. These latter are rather frightful as hardly one comes to less than 1/- (to post) and with every letter 2d and every postcard 1d it tots up to rather a big sum.

Dec 20th
Dr says H is going on all right and that the trouble has not spread. We are getting heaps of letters and parcels and our old postman is ladened and burdened to death but he will have another helper for the next few days.

Dec 21st
My dear son came home today and the girls and I went into G to meet him and spend the day. We had lunch at the Cafe and leaving Babs and Pink to their own devices Noots and I went to a meeting of the Field Club but it went on so long that we had to leave long before the end and the most interesting part.

Dec 22nd
Every day fresh appeals come in. Its heartrending having to throw nearly all into the wastepaper basket but one cannot keep up everything. This stamp is the device this year of the St Dunstan’s home for the blind soldiers and one is supposed to seal letters with it. At about 3 Mother and Thurie arrived, thank goodness a fine and warm day for them, and now the party is complete and the real fray begins. It is jolly being together, a real family party, alas how one longs for the Indian members, dear things. It is so long since Eve was home.

Dec 23rd
Every member of the household takes their share of the housework. We cook and wash up and clean etc and its all like a large picnic. Letty comes every morning to do the beds thanks be and scrub up back premises and I prepare food by the ton! My dear man’s bronchitis is better but he has lumbago now so is still tied up. Yesterday the children went to a dance together from 3 to 7.30. They know lots of people now and there is the prospect of various other shows coming off.