December 24th, Xmas Eve
My days are spent in preparing food and springing from the kitchen table to the scullery sink. At brief intervals I write letters and hurry through innumerable chores and time flies away. Shall I ever have time to breathe again? Various members of the household did the decorations. Once again holly and evergreens deck the place and I love it. As we cant afford a turkey this year owing to the price, vis 3/- a lb, we, having luckily been given a brace of pheasants by Sir Francis have these instead and very nice they will be.
This evening there came from Blanche the most lovely cake, a huge iced affair with a red cracker on the tope and 2 birds and this gorgeous gold frill all round The three children went to a party so in their absence we filled their stockings.

Dec 25th, Xmas Day
Set my alarm for 6.30 this morning and as soon as it struck I went in and awoke the children who all came into our room with their stockings which they proceeded to unpack with shrieks and scuffles and ended by playing pilladex with the balloons found in the stockings. At 7.30 I got up and hurried down to my chores. After breakfast I put the pudding on and left it in Poggy’s charge, rushed up, made beds etc and off to church with the children. We dined in the middle of the day as I knew I should not have the time in the evening. We drank many healths of all our absent ones and then hastily cleared away, had in the tree and feverishly decorated it till 4 when the McNamaras and their small white rat arrived for tea (local vicar, wife and child). The tree was lit at 5. We had 6 dozen candles on it and plenty of angels’ hair, a dozen envelopes which i am now able to get again as it is made in France now. It looked really lovely and quite pre-warish. By 5 the Blakes and James arrived so that we were 17 present and it was all very jolly. At 6.30 we were free to see about supper and that being over and washed up I think we were all quite glad to go to our beds.

Dec 26th, Sunday
A quiet day. I didn’t go to Kirk today having work to do so sent Pink and Noots, going to a carol service with Babs afterwards. Quite a nice little service but which ended with that funereal hymn “Days and Moments quickly flying” which sent us off meditating upon “narrow beds” and such like glooms. I must have it out with Padre.

Dec 27th
Pink was away shooting all day with Padre and a lot of others and came home having shot more that three quarters of the bag. I was as pleased as a mother should be, besides being the gainer by 2 rabbits, a very useful addition just now.

Dec 28th, Tuesday
All my spare time is now spent in writing letters of thanks for kind gifts received. We have as usual been very lucky.

Dec 29th
My son went to his first grown up ball dressed for the first time in dress clothes. How strange it sounds. It was a wild night and his devoted grandmother stayed awake half the night in anxiety on his account, not so his fond mother who slept like a log!

Dec 30th
My dissipated son went off dancing again tonight with the same party to the Charity Ball. How odd it seems to me that a child of mine should go off to balls and that I should pogbaggishly stay at home. I haven’t got used to this period of life yet but really I feel as though my dancing days were over.

Dec 31st, Friday
The year 1920 is over. Taking it all round its not been a bad year as far as home affairs are concerned. It has passed in quietness and peace at home anyhow, notwithstanding the frightful upheavals in the outside world. What will 1921 bring? More labour unrest? More hideous troubles in Ireland? Alas the whole world is in a rotten state.
We saw the year out playing games till 12 when we opened the window to let the young year in and sang Auld Lang Syne with much laughter and shrieks.