February 1st, Sunday
The month of Jan has slipped away and I am always glad to see it go, it’s been been such a wet month too, such incessant rain but not cold and I do hope that that wont come this month instead. To kirk this morning, a tiny congregation and we stayed to celebration. On the way home we found the first primroses, three growing in the hedge which I have put in my Spring pie. I spent the afternoon lazily and the evening writing the weekly despatch to my three. It ran into seven sheets this week, what about goodness knows.

February 2nd, Monday
The usual high wind is screaming round the house. We hear it horribly loud here and it whistles and moans like an old woman being beaten (do they whistle?). No rain and we’ve finished half the rockery. We have to put a lot of soil thereon as its nearly solid clay. Mother writes from Sidcup where she is engaged in sorting all Lena’s letters and papers, a horrid task. I do hope before I depart that I shall have time to cast all my old rubbish. I should hate it being looked over.

February 3rd, Tuesday
This morning the men being busy over a heavy digging job I betook myself to my picking garden and there planted out clumps of plants which were left over from the the borders: delphiniums, phlox, poppies, columbine, iris, thalictrum, veronica, paeonies and day lilies. I mean to have lots of annuals and biennials, all to pick from. After lunch we walked down to Adsett Court to our nice neighbours, the Vaughan Hughes, to view their farm stock. We are thinking of buying one of their cows and a pig when it arrives! Played Bridge and lost once more! A brilliant moon to walk home by.

February 4th, Wed
One of the most beautiful Feb days I’ve ever known, the glass stands at “set fair”. A tremendous stillness reigned, a brilliant sun which grew quite hot at midday so that all coats had to come off as we dug all day without ceasing except for a short while during which I was tormented by pest callers.

February 5th, Thursday
Another perfect day. Rode into Newnham to answer calls on the Brinkmans and Hadinghams. The former live in a house about a mile out with the most perfect view but surrounded by pines. Coming home I stopped at the little wood and gathered moss. I’m longing for Spring as everyone says the woods are full of flowers.

February 6th
H went off this morning with Capt VH to Lydney to view cows while I got on with my picking plot. After lunch took part in a novel occupation, that of cleaning out and whitewashing the cow house!! About 4.30 H came back with the news that he had bought the cow! A half Guernsey, half Shorthorn. Our vicar came to call and has stuck H with reading the Lessons in Church and taking the Chair at a concert next week.

February 7th, Saturday
My Babs’ birthday, 12 years old today – alas no longer anything approaching a baby. Sent off her parcel yesterday and have ordered sweets and a cake for her to arrive today (to her school). We’ve had another perfect day and have spent it over innumerable small but necessary jobs but now as I write I hear the wind rising and fear we are in for a change. I got a letter from Joe Hurdwood after an interval of at least 2 years. She tells me that Mrs HW died last year. Poor things, it is awfully sad as they were all so devoted to each other. I have written to ask her here for a change.

Feb 8th
How can I make an entry today when every Sunday I do the same thing. Went to Kirk in the morning where H read the lessons most elegantly, slept all afternoon, fed chickens at 4 and had tea and then wrote letters till supper after which read till 10 and so to bed.