February 18th, Wednesday
This being Ash Wednesday we trotted down to Kirk and I am thankful that our parson did not have the Commination. On the way back I gathered a lot of Pussy Palms (catkins of a Willow) to send to Mother and bunches of violets.

February 20th
Four things happened today. First of all I made my first butter! Then the next thing, we awoke to snow! Such a sudden change from the positive heat we have been having and I fear for the blossom. Thirdly I got from Thurie Lena’s amethyst set, a huge necklace, three brooches and earrings. They are beautiful stones. Fourthly we went to tea with the VH’s and sat playing Bridge till 7.30 and ploughed home in the pitch darkness and mud and had dinner at 8.30!

February 21st
My morning was spent in making marmalade. I managed to scrape together enough sugar aided by a little glucose to make 29lbs. Well this afternoon I rode (bicycled) off to Little Dean to have tea with Miss Mathews and found her house being entirely remodelled and full of workmen. I couldn’t do it, the discomfort, dirt and endless hammerings!

Feb 22nd
Twice to Kirk today. I like the little afternoon service and quite a lot of people come down over the hill to it. After tea I went for a roam. Standing in the orchard looking down across the valleys I was struck with the beauty of the evening, the red glow of the sunset, the tiny sickle moon hanging low in the pale sky, some church pealing for Evensong and a blackbird singing Vespers in his clear limpid notes. It was all so typically English and the air held that most indescribable feeling of Spring.

Feb 23rd
We awoke to hoar frost followed by a lovely day and then a dense fog. We have netted the apricot and peach trees.

Feb 25th
Got a new catalogue from Gauntlet and have been poring over it. Oh how I wish I had pounds to spend! I amused myself by making out a list of the shrubs I wish to buy next autumn.

Feb 26th, Thursday
Made butter. I have been reading an old diary of 1911. It is interesting but always gives me the blues. What gay lives we led then, so much coming and going and so many people in and out.

Feb 27th
Exactly a year ago our dear Win left for India. She is 21 this April and will leave her infancy behind her. I heard from her this mail full of gaiety as usual: Meets, dances, shooting and the like.

Things are coming to a pretty pass, see this advert. Rabbit skins 16/- a dozen, moles at £9 for 100!! What is England coming to when people openly advertise for foxes skins. Round about here where hunting is practically nil they shoot them like rabbits.

Feb 28th, Saturday
We had a great clean out of the chicken houses and gave them a go of Sanatas. We then gathered all the bits of paper off the rubbish heads and burnt them and afterwards carted away to an unseen spot 3 barrowloads of old pots, kettles and pan so that it looks tidier now.

Feb 29th, Sunday
This being Leap Year Feb has an extra day. It has been a most beautiful February, full sunshine and “Spring running”. Went for a ramble in the fields and met to my surprise a whole flock of magpies. I didn’t know they flocked. I picked the above as I wandered along, the mosses in the wood are lovely.