January 15th, Thursday
A lovely still warm day and after lunch Babs and I went a-groundselling. We picked and grubbed until 4 when we went and fed hens. These same hens are laying so well also the ducks, and we are selling 5 or 6 doz a week at 4/6. PInk went ferreting this morning with Clarke, Sir F’s bailiff, and shot 3 out of their 4, bringing me home one which was most acceptable. The place is full of them (rabbits) but we seldom get one to eat. I read tonight of the awful condition of Ireland, rebellion and anarchy are rife and life not worth living.

January 16th
This morning I got a phone message from kind Mrs VH saying she had seen the advert of a cook. She lives at Minsterworth about 6 miles distant so Noots and I rode over to interview her. After much searching we found the little half-timbered house where she lived. She seemed to me a very pleasant girl with a nice old Mother and I have taken up her references.

January 17th
A day of cooking and gardening and pleasant pottering “relieved” by a night of internal writhings, the reason for which I know not! Poor Poggy disturbed and shivering administered opium and ginger and aspirin which did the trick.

January 18th
The days creep on at least they do not creep at all, they fly and soon my three will be away!

January 19th, Monday
It was a very great pleasure to welcome our first guests today and it was curious to see Adie (Maclean) with a great big son. I simply cant realise it and it seems impossible to believe. Adie is on his way back to East Africa and is taking the son to Uppingham. We are a tight fit in this little house. (see on for the celebration signatures page)

January 20th
In the morning the females cooked whilst the males lit bonfires. After lunch Adie, the girls and I went off for a walk up into the Park and had from there an immense view right away over the Severn Valley. It was just lovely and on one side we could look down into the valley where the Abbey lies and picture to oneself the old days when the monks lived on the fat of the land.

January 21st
As yesterday was gay and full of shrieks so today was sad and horrible for at 11.15 Adie and Jack left and at 4.15 my Pink.

January 22nd
Packing and cooking and lunch at 12.45. At 1.15 the car came and H and i went in and saw out two dears off. How I do hate this school leaving. (All three children off to school).