July 15th, Thursday
Mother came today, H walking in to meet her. She seems wonderfully well in spite of this awful weather but this is St Swithin’s day and though we had rain as usual in the morning it turned out delightful in the evening and we sat out in the garden but shall we now have rain every day for 40 days?

July 16th
To Glos to the dentist and he certainly did his job wonderfully well, stopping a front tooth absolutely painlessly and it doesn’t show at all. It was awfully hot and stuffy, but fine!

July 17th, Sat
I got up at 5.30 this morning to churn, it was dark and pouring with rain, so cheerless and I didn’t want to leave my bed at all but I made four and a half pounds and it came with no trouble. The day cleared later and to tea came Mrs VH and Miss Wemyss. The former stayed on and we played Bridge until 7.15, poor Mother losing every rubber.

July 25th, Sunday
I’ve missed out a whole week. This perpetual and everlasting rain paralyses my effort at writing. Yesterday it actually did not rain and we went and watched a Tournament at the Abbey. They are a gay and smart crowd but the clothes are really quite like the Pantomime – I say the clothes, but I should say the lack of them! and everyone seems to have gone mad on brilliant colours. They look like a lot of peacocks gone mad. No one seems to wear any “armour” so these figures leave nothing to the imagination. It makes me cling more than ever to “mousy dowdiness” or black and white. We were going in to tea with Lady Paget but the rain put the lid on that. Heaps of hay lies rotting on the ground still…oh!! it’s just awful.
My two dears came home on Friday, it is a joy to have them again. Another thing that gives me joy is the Milk Separator in which we have indulged. It really is a joy and I made over 14lbs of butter this week. We now have quite a large and brisk trade but it does keep one busy.

July 26th
It rains as usual but we went to work just the same. Mr McN (the vicar) came to tea after which we played whiskey poker for pennies! His wife being away in her absence the church flowers fall to my lot.

July 29th, Thursday
My Noots went off on her first visit today to Windermere to the Schusters. She left Glos at 11.20 and arrived at 8, a long journey and all alone but I hold its good to make them independent when young.

July 30th, Friday
I took Mother to Lady Paget today and it was actually fine and she was very much interested in all and went round the garden in Lady P’s chair.