June 21st Monday
B and I took Mother round to Barkers this morning to do some shopping and she purchased two very becoming hats!! I too wished to indulge but could find no pot to fit my phiz. This afternoon I went round to find about my train to Malvern and on to tea with Den Highton who is home on leave but sick in a nursing home poor chap. I found him little altered. I hurried home to hastily cloth myself for we dined at 6.30 and went off to the Opera at 7. Puccini’s three new ones were charming, tragic, melancholy and comic. Some ripping music and Tom Burke the ex miner surpassed himself with his beautiful voice. The King and Queen were there and before we left I stole this programme out of their box hoping one of them had held it! (See next panel for details)

June 22nd
At 6 this morning I arose to do my packing and felt like this picture! I arrived at Malvern at about 1.45 and went to my hotel and unpacked and then to the Public Library where the annual meeting of the Archaeological Society took place, a large concourse of bogies present and the Earl of Beauchamp who is our President. That over I fled and picked out my Babies and their two friends and took them up to the Oak Rooms to tea and strawberries, a mangy plateful with cream and sugar. I kept Noots for dinner, after which we went to a lecture on Malvern.

June 23rd
I am so glad to have joined this Field Club, one sees so many interesting things. In three huge charabancs we drove off at 9 to British Camp and walked all along the top to the Druidical Cave where we had a most interesting lecture. We returned to the cars and drove to Little Malvern Priory, poor sad little derelict. We were also invited to go over Little Malvern Court, the seat of the Berrington family but a cigarette proving more attractive I fled into the garden and hid in the bushed until it was time to go! We returned to Malvern for lunch and at 2 started forth again to Madresfield, Lord Beauchamp’s place. He gave an account of his family history and that of the house and we were invited to go over the whole place and inspect his wonderful collection of art treasures. It is said to be second only to the Duke of Bucleugh’s. I’ve certainly never seen anything more lovely and such a quaint old house surrounded by a deep moat and a lovely garden too.

June 24th, Thursday
At 9 we set forth again driving all the way back to Gloucester. We visited Ledbury, then Much Markle, Kemply and Dymock. At Ledbury the church is fine and very ancient, full of lovely old and modern glass, old monuments and a perfect specimen of ball flower decoration in what appears to have been a Chapter House. We also visited the old hostel of St Catherine where Canon Bannister gave us a lecture. The other places were all most interesting.

June 25th
When I got back last night I found hay making still proceeding, H and B having made a lovely rick, and so we went at it again and finished by lunch. We are so thankful to have got it all in dry. The Youngs at Grove Farm cut and tossed it for us, such a nice couple of brothers, returned soldiers.

June 30th
I have missed out 5 days partly owing to the even tenor of our ways and partly because space is getting short in this diary.