May 1st, Saturday.
For once May Day is really not bad but I am very disappointed in the weather as a whole. We haven’t been on one real expedition and only one visit to the woods. It is specially horrid as they are so lovely just now, a sea of blue and pale green with the delicate young oak above places to lie and dream but not with the taps turned on.

May 2nd
Torrents fell last night as usual. Pink H and I stayed to second service and the afternoon was spent in the usual lazy way. No one can say this household does not appreciate its Sabbath day.

May 4th, Tuesday
A very busy day making butter and the afternoon packing Pink’s things and then went in to Glos with him and now they are all gone and the usual blank prevails. Pink’s pack was a Chinese puzzle. He took back with him all his chrysalids, moth cases, boxes, net, boards etc also a cake, eggs and sweets. As for his clothes they were in the minority but I got them all in somehow and saw him off by the 5.45 at Gloucester.

May 5th
The enclosed cutting is a good illustration of the result of a free country! It bears out exactly what Algie wrote to Mother the other day. He gave a most frantic account of affairs in general. He is at present British Vice Consul at Berlin and seems to think very badly of future prospects.

May 6th
After lunch I bravely sallied forth on my bicycle and rode to the Lloyds to tea. The wind was so strong that I had to get off and walk. The Lloyds are a wizened couple, he grey haired with pinkish face, she grey too with a yellow face. A large modern house, not attractive at all, but quite pleasant people. The Shelleys were there, he is a Ceylon Coffee planter and she is his second wife. It rained nearly all the time but one is accustomed to getting wet this Spring. Rather weary weather.

May 7th
This being a Friday also a 7th it seemed natural that I should do something interesting. There is living here a certain Lady Paget, widow of Sir Augustus, some time Ambassador at Rome and herself an Austrian, a Hohenloe (actually Hohenthal). She kindly sent me a message through the Shelleys asking me to call so I went with them after tea. A most interesting and charming garden and house, both of which she has entirely Italianized, having lived for many years over there. A wonderful old lady of 81, paints, models, spins etc and she took me all over the garden and has asked me to go there to lunch one day with H. What an interesting life she must have had and now what a different existence – Newnham!

May 8th, Saturday
I let the two maids go into Glos for the day so had Mrs James up to work and I spent the morning making butter. Gardened and pottered after lunch and enjoyed life!

May 9th
I spent the afternoon after my own heart. It was a perfect day and I felt I must be off to the woods so after lunch I went. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful. I just sat there and lived!