May 10th, Monday
Many years ago today, 25 to be exact, I was confirmed and two years ago today poor Herman was killed, now his mother is dead also and poor Thurie alone.
Another perfect day and I stepped out into it at 6.15. There is a great fascination in a perfectly unused day, and the first sound of human life dispels the charm. There seems a sort of magic about it untouched as it is by human quibbles and petty foolishnesses.

May 11th
My room is lovely with flowers. I have heaps of Lilies of the Valley and actually a vase of roses which I think a triumph since 5 months ago we hadn’t even planted them!

May 13th, Thursday
I caught hundreds of slugs this morning at an early hour but their name is Legion and it seems a hopeless task. Also this year we have the caterpillar blight and they have stripped our apple trees and the poor oaks are getting all their young Spring green eaten so that they’ll look like winter.

May 14th
I have been out of doors from 6.30 to 9.30 today, a real good days work sadly interrupted by callers to tea, the MacIvers and Mrs Scobell. The former lady is quite nouveau riche, an iron masters daughter by name of Stubbs. They have a large place here and pots of money, cars, horses, shooting and the like. I shouldn’t mind some of it but I would not be a Stubbs!

May 15th
Churning morning – 6lbs but the thundery air turned my cream a bit and so I fear for my butter. I am going into Glos soon to get a set of lessons in butter making and to pick up useful hints.

May 16th, Sunday
We have spent a very interesting day. We had a car here at 1 and drove into lunch and tea with Lady Paget. She being a vegetarian we had no meat for lunch but very nice substitutes, and coffee and cigarettes afterwards. We went all over the garden and then she showed us the wonderful old house. I wish I could describe it. The setting is quite beautiful being Elizabethan but she has decorated it with her own floral designs and in the dining room, a little ancient panelled room, she has created havoc. Dark blue panels with silver stripes and terrible flowers painted al over, a dark blue painted horse-shoe table also decorated with flowers, great big silver candle sticks from a church fitted with electric light – indeed utterly spoilt and a pity. The drawing room and library are one big room divided by big pillars round which twine garlands of flowers painted on paper and pasted on! The library is quite charming, all books, and the drawing room hung with ancient cerise brocade with beautiful lovely old furniture and pictures and objects of art and upstairs she showed us a tiny Chapel dedicated to St Francis. She is a Protestant but extreme I should say. She took us up into her winter sitting room, perfectly sweet and next her work room where she perpetrates many horrors!
What an interesting Grande Dame, a real aristocrat of olden days. She was Lady in Waiting to the Princess Royal and knew all the Royal Family, also German and Russian crown heads and is a most interesting and witty conversationalist. How after such a brilliant life she can endure this sleepy hollow where people have the audacity to turn up their noses at her on account of her being a Saxon by birth I cant think. All her children are entirely English and she in feeling as well. I could listen to her for hours and hope I shall often have the chance.

May 17th
To tea with Miss Malcolm at Little Dean, a pleasant creature but I don’t like her teas and I have not yet ventured to have a cigarette! It is an immense pull up there but a lovely return only today torrents fell and I got home mud to the eyes and so wet!