May 19th, Wednesday
This evening I had my first lesson in miking and Blake put me on to Lena. Well I tweaked and pulled and pinched and “still it don’t move”. The cow looked round at me mildly surprised and remonstrative and simply withheld her milk, I extracting about enough to feed the cat.

May 20th
Great success. At 6.30 I tormented Buttercup and milked her dry! It is a triumph! But to counterbalance this joy I am worried about my butter making. I can’t get the butter to keep. We’ve talked it over with all and sundry and cannot think what the cause is and it’s most worrying.

May 21st, Friday
A hot still day luckily as I had a long ride to Longhope to a Bridge party. We played from 3.30 to 6.0 with a tea interval. I came away with 4/6 which will nearly buy me 100 Gold Flake!

May 25th, Tuesday
We have had a very hot weekend and I’ve felt so glad for the holiday makers, those countless thousands who so seldom get any freedom.

May 27th, Thursday
H was invited today to a luncheon in Gloucester by Sir F CB, an annual affair given by the Trustees of something or other, so in we went, I to shop and he to eat! As it was early closing day I spent the afternoon in the Library of the Archaeological Society, most fearfully interested, and met Poggy at 4 at the cafe. We returned by the 4.30 bus.

May 28th
By the 11.30 I went in again shopping and when I returned a thunderstorm seemed imminent. I shall be glad if it does come as all my milk goes sour and nothing will keep.

May 29th
I made butter today with success I hope. I now scald all the cream and it certainly makes the butter taste much nicer. We’ve had torrents of rain.

May 31st, Monday
This is a most appropriate little picture as all the hedges are full of dog roses now. Our garden roses too are coming out. To lunch came the Horace Gales. I had not met either for 20 years and it was most interesting to hear much news of Indian friends, Eve etc. When they had gone we went down to the Abbey for Bridge, the VHs being there too. It is very nice to meet such kind friendliness and real courtesy.